Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Ewe

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
I'm a happy ewe today. It is now 2:50p.m. It's been snowing since around 10:30 this morning. There is now about 3 inches covering the ground. It's a beautiful thing. At one point, the flakes were nearly as big as a cotton bolls.
The lambies all bundled up in snow suits and boots and played outside a couple hours. I sent Lioness out with some cocoa to warm everyone up a bit. One of the neighbor kids came over to throw snowballs. Finally, everyone had enough for today and came inside.
Lioness mixed up some gingerbread dough, so they're rolling out gingerbread men.
Yup. Life is good.
Gotta run...there's a puddle at the back door that needs some attention.
Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe