Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lost Teeth, Pulling Up, Update

Really quick update...

Let's see...last Sat, Lil Miss H pulled up on her own. It was on the couch. She did it to better reach the contents of Mama's purse. Most household items are moving up the walls. (email if you don't "get" that ;-)
Last Sun, both Musical and Lovable lost teeth. No, the Tooth Fairy has not yet visited, as I... I mean *she* has to repair her tutu. I...I mean, she, has only a few bits left to fix, then she will take her "midnight ride." Musical asks each night, with a twinkling eye, "Is she coming tonight?" I answer, "She will come when you least expect it." LOL I love this job.
Well, I need to go so I I need to
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Have a Glorious 4th!

I was lying down with Tater Tot tonight, trying to help him relax and go to sleep. All of a sudden, we heard a loud BANG! T.T. said, "Is that a thunderstorm?" I said, "No. That was fireworks." T.T. coiled himself to sprrrrrringggg out of bed. It wasn't even dark outside, so I knew he wouldn't be able to see anything...(Plus, eek! I'd just gotten him to bed. If he hopped up then, no telling how long it would be to wind him down again!)
I knew I needed to rephrase my answer..."It wasn't fireworks really, just a firecracker." He relaxed back on the bed. "Oh," he said nonchalantly, "Is that why they don't eat them? Because there's fire?"

Oooooh!!! Aaaahhhh!!! OOooohhh!

Ahem. :-)
Y'all keep your wool dry, and away from open fire...
The Ewe