Saturday, April 23, 2005

Baby's Got a New Pair of Shoes

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s!
Well, the big news around here is that Tiny Tot has *finally* started taking some steps. Early last week he took a step. Now, he's stringing together 4 or 5 steps at a time. I can tell--he's revving up! I need to buy myself a new pair of tennies before he gets in gear. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing some running!
Speaking of shoes...a Ram-Family tradition took place yesterday. We don't buy our babies shoes until they've started walking, and even then they usually only wear them when they're going outside. Last week, though, T.T. discovered the joys of trike riding when we were outside playing. Bad thing was, the little guy kept scraping his toes on the sidewalk! Ouch! So, I ordered him some Robeez, which are a lot like moccasins. They came yesterday, so we had the First Shoeing for Tiny Tot. It was hilarious. He immediately loved his little shoes and wore them all day. AND he rode the trike without bloodshed. LOL
So, if you know a little tiny tot, you can tell his parents about Robeez--they're like leather anklet socks. Foot doctors say not to put stiff shoes on little babies, because it can cause their feet to grow wrong. We had always solved that by just not using shoes! But T.T.'s a little more aggressive and need something to protect those lil tootsies. He loves these little shoes with the puppies on them. LOL
Must run--Carnival is making her first attempt at waffles and it sounds like maybe my presence is needed in the kitchen. ;-)
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

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Lisa-Anne said...

How sweet, little shoes on little feet! :)
I think we used those a similiar sort of shoes here... but we have a WIDE variety... cloth, leather, etc. They all have traction "dots" on the bottoms, and look like house-shoe booties sort of! We used those till our little ones were 18 months or so. (with so many fashionable colors, it was easy, esp. since they were under 5 dollars a pair!) The only thing that didn't work too well was "wet" or "muddy" conditions! :) I think dear daughter I. ended up getting tennies sooner for out door things, because she was FLAT OUT RUNNING at 9 months old (J. waited till he was a 13 months to walk! I always wondered if that was a difference between girls and boys? or just individuals?)
Ewe, Let me know if you want me to go to Talbots and take a digital pic. of the babyshoe wall (filled with those soft mocs). I'd be happy to send tt some of those if they're different and you want to try them. If your little guy is like mine, an extra pair or two won't be useless! hahaha!
Love ya!