Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bit of Excitement

Well, Friends of the Ewe,
I'm not going into all the gory details, but just suffice it to say that it's a *good* thing that lizards can't get good traction on linoleum. Also, that a person can maneuver quite well in a kitchen by standing on one pink chair and picking up and placing another pink chair adjacent, then stepping onto Pink Chair No. 2. Then, you reach back, pick up Pink Chair No. 1, place it next to where you are...step onto it...repeat...
I will add, too, that it is a good thing to have children who are adept at catching reptiles.
The Ewe


Opa said...


I guess that you know lizards can climb a wall and therefore could ;-) climb a chair leg if they should so desire in order to escape ;-).

I can just see it ;_)


Mama Lamba said...

I had speculated as much. I tried not to speculate *too* much, or I could have come up w/ other frightening possibilities, some involving opening the dish cabinet and "something" jumping out. :-)

Lisa-Anne said...

Would you please ask Carnival to get the camera and take pictures of mommie on the pink chairs, if ever such a thing should happen again? Tell her I'll gladly pay for such a journalistic endeavor! ;) *giggle*
Love ewe!!!!!

Mama Lamba said...

Sure, I'll ask her. Maybe I'll take some, too...of her scurrying around the perimeter of the room, weilding a broom, shooing a lizard out the front door. Oughta be an interesting "birds-eye-view."
:-) LOL