Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Please Don't Call PETA

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s!
How is 2007 treating you so far? The Flock is doing great. Lil' Miss H has had a few fussy days of late. I think she's hitting that second growth spurt--she'll be 6 weeks old in a few days!! I can hardly believe it. The other lambies are just crazy about her. So much so, that we've started calling her "Ivory Soap." The others act like she's going to get "used up" by their siblings, when it isn't Said Child's turn to hold the baby. LOL
Well, I guess I'll explain the title now...

On New Year's Day I was busy eavesdropping on The Ram's phone conversation with the GrandRam when Tater Tot came up to me, chattering. He was wanting me to join him in his pretending. I smiled at him and "Yes, Dear"-ed and "ooh"-ed and "ahh"-ed at how clever he was, but, in reality, I was ignoring him. (None of y'all have ever done that, right? ;-) Anyway, when T.T. stuck his hand out toward me with some imaginary offering, I assumed we were engaged in another pretend tea party. I absentmindedly accepted what I assumed to be an invisible petit-four or scone or cookie and popped it into my mouth.
I quickly made the obligatory, "Mmm!!! Yummy!!!" sounds, complete with cartoonish, raised eyebrows and vigorously nodded head.
I immediately noticed Tater Tot's confused and slightly horrified face.
I nearly choked when he blurted out, "You ate the BABY LION!!!"

I fear my son may never invite me to play "Zoo Keeper" with him again.

Must run...veggie soup's on the menu tonight...but not if I don't shake a leg. Blessings to all of you.

Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "Honey, you make a man feel funny." The Ram
(So, is that "funny like a clown?" lol)


Anonymous said...

the poor poor baby lion SOB SOB SOB



Bunnys are
Kind, and
Igunas are the

Alipurr said...

hey, i have done the same thing, i think i ate a kitten, though, pretend of course.

very funny

thanks for your prayers, Dancer Girl actually woke up feeling pretty good and wanting to do school....

maybe you can email me your veggie soup recipe...i may make one too if i have enough of the ingredients :)

Lisa-Anne said...

Oh that is soooooo funny!! You better come up with a nice game of "restocking the zoo" for him! :)
Love you!
for LL

Anonymous said...

Like I always say, "Don't never assume nothing!"

Now you have to figure out how to get a lion back in the zoo. Maybe the Lion King could stop by.

It's a little cool for our stay in Dallas this week.

Any updates?

It's been a while since I have seen Lisa. Thanks for the picture, Lisa.

The Grandram

Lisa-Anne said...

Hi GrandRam and GrandEwe,
I hope you have a nice visit with everyone in Dallas. :) You must be so happy having such sweet grandlambs! :)
PS, Ewe and Ram are really bad about sending pictures, so please feel free to email me any you might have taken. They keep promising but you know how it is with new parents! Ewe is going to shoot me for saying that, since I'm just as bad for not sending her the promised pictures of my new little one yet! :)

Mama Lamba said...

(ahem) Ok, LA, I deserved that. ;-) You really don't understand how intimidated this contraption is to me, LOL!! HUGS!!! to you all...Now, where's that lion?...

Mama Lamba said...

ROTFLOL!!! That last comment should read "intimidat-ing"...the computer isn't the least bit "intimidat-ed" LOL
And the GrandRam's right--Don't *assume* you're eating cake! You might be eating LION!