Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Three Days and $75

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
Well, I thought Spring had sprung. Last weekend, the temps were between 60-70 degrees. Ahhh...lovely. This morning, the wind chill was 11 degrees. C'est la vie, no?
Years ago, my Mommy Friends introduced me to the "Three Days and $75" potty training technique. The idea was to "cold turkey" the kid (off diapers) and spend 3 days at home, mopping up wee wee. The $75 came in after s/he was trained and you had to pay to get the carpet cleaned. :-)
Well, Tater turned 4yo last Thurs. Since he turned 3yo, he's said that when he turned 4, he'd "be old enough to use the potty." lol I was dubious. But then last Thursday, his 4th birthday, he said, he was done w/ diapers. I was still dubious. But, I slipped his Spiderman underwear on him (he's never seen Spiderman--movie, comic, anything--but I guess he likes the looks of him?). I think that first day, he had 2 accidents. He was totally oblivious to any fluid leaving his body. He was standing there, and, next thing he knew, he was standing in a puddle that came out of nowhere. How'd that happen? He'd cry, and say, "I'm *trying* not to have an accident!"
I figured he'd figure it out.
Friday, he had 1 accident. Then, whoa Nellie, on Saturday, he had (count 'em) SIX accidents. I became very worried about his wiring. He ran out of undies and pants. I washed them...then Sunday, he wore diapers part of the day, until I could get his clothes washed.
Monday, I washed his clothes and bought more undies. And (and this was what gave us the breakthrough) little boy t-shirts 2 sizes too big. He wore only the t-shirts all day and had no accidents. Yay! Today, he's still in a t-shirt, but he's wearing underwear, too. So far, no accidents.
My girls did not have over 3 or 4 accidents each, total. This business of 6 accidents in a day?!? Wow--I was about to pull my hair out. I had to remind/make him go try, even when he didn't know he had to go. I never had to do that before. Once the girls were ready to use the potty, they just went to the potty on their own. T.T. needed a little coaching, I guess.
Anyway, he has gone today without being reminded. I am very hopeful.
So, ours was more of the "Five Days (and $75 in new underwear) Potty Training Technique. LOL We'll keep you updated...if you're really interested. :-)
Hey, ya'll keep your wool, uh...DRY,
The Ewe


Sherral said...

Yeah, Tater Tot. You go, boy. (literally!)

Mama Lamba said...

Yup. It's been a week now. Yesterday he didn't have any accidents. Yay!!! I'm hoping the Diapered Duo is now Defunct. :-) Ok, Lil Miss H, now it's *your* turn. LOL (jk)

Lisa-Anne said...

I'm ready to start potty training, and David Blaze is only 18 months... lol, I just want to be out of the diapering business! :)
Congrats to Tater Tot!

Alipurr said...

yay for tater tot :)