Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last Load: "Re-use"

Howdy, F.O.T.E.'s,

Aren't you shocked! I actually finished a three-part series! (I'm plumb worn out.)

Today, I'll finish up with "Re-use." (I know, I's supposed to be "reduce, re-use, recyle" but I got things out of order. You'll have to forgive me.)

So, let's get started...

Now, I *could* start out by saying something like, "a child can *reuse* his clothes for more than a day" but I know that would offend I won't say it. Another thing I won't mention is the "sniff test." Disgusting. ;-) I'll say something like...

"Re-use...Your Outfits"

Look for ways to preserve an outfit, so that it could be worn again. I think Sunday clothes are especially good to re-use. Often, we get dressed and go to church...a couple hours later, we come home and change clothes. So, what to do with what you wore to church? Well, hopefully, everyone was bathed before church (or Sat. night)--I know that's not fail-proof, but *generally*. If that's the case, I think many times Sunday's outfit can be hung back up for another Sunday.

Years ago, The Ram's grandma gave all us girls aprons. I think aprons are a great tool in "Re-using." We can get dressed, put on an apron to preserve the outfit, then go about our Sunday morning duties. If we are eating breakfast at home, I like the girls to wear aprons to keep from getting dirty. Another option is eating before you dress, of course. For Tater, we'll pop one of Daddy's t-shirts over his clothes.

In re-using outfits, don't forget to spot clean any stains/spills. Sometimes, you can get a spot off and wear the garment again. Another tip: get some over-the-door hooks to hang "used, but could be used again" clothing.

Next up:

"Re-use...Household Linens"

Ok, now that sounds *gross!* What I mean is to allow certain items to be used for more than one task. One thing I do is to use washcloths as dishcloths. I know that sounds awful, but let me explain. Around here, I use white washcloths for both dishes and faces. (We have those puff thingies to wash our bodies. ) I generally try to keep the dish cloths and face cloths separate, but if they get mixed up, I'll run all of them in the machine with hot water and bleach (and, of course, detergent) and wash a good long time...then dry on high until thoroughly dry. I don't wash washcloths with bath towels. I know the cloths could get called into service for dishes and I don't like the idea of washing my dish cloths with bath towels.

For us, that works ok. If it offends your sensibilities, by all means--skip that tip!

Another thing we do is to wipe up floor spills with used bath towels. Those seem to absorb better than my mop, and they are so easy to clean afterward. Just toss them in the wash. (I wash my towels in hot water.)

Slightly used bath towels might also get carried to the pool with us when we go swimming. I don't think we must have a never-used towel just to wipe off after a swim. After soaking up pool water, the towels must be washed to get the chlorine out. I also run the swimsuits through a short cycle to rinse them. The chlorine just wears our suits out. Oh, yeah--don't dry bathing suits in the dryer. The heat isn't good for the lycra and other things they use in bathing suits. I have a wooden rack I pull out to drip dry the suits after their rinse.

Well, I'm sure there is more I could say about "Reduce, Recycle and Re-use" as it pertains to the laundry, but I've got folks needing their Mama-Ewe. Alipurr, I'll get back to you about your questions as soon as time allows.

Y'all keep your wool dry,

The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "More clothes is the enemy of clean clothes." --The Ewe


Lisa-Anne said...

well, I thought the reuse part would be all about making doll clothes or quilts! ;) (Doll clothes here, or least it used to be the case).

I now do all white cloths for kitchen and colored ones for bath... It was just too hard sometimes for the kids to remember which kind was which before. :)

Thanks for the "series" :)

Alipurr said...

my baby boy saw and heard your sheep and said, Baa

apparently he likes your site, ha ha

thanks for the tips

Alipurr said...

Hey, you'd better hurry, ha ha.
I donated 3 walmart sacks plus one box of clothes, and my friend gave me 2.....aaaahhhhh

though it is exactly what my daughter needs, i still have to make room for it, decide what stays and what goes, etc
(you know i am mostly teasing, right?)