Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Just When You Thought It Was Safe... enter Blogger again...I come out with another blog post...after nearly two years... :-)  So, buckle up, here's the last two years recapped in just 100 words:

-had a baby

Umm...ok...recapped in just 3 words.  Because, after having a baby, I've pretty much forgotten everything else that happened.  No better reason for temporary amnesia! And yes, Joshua David is adored by all his siblings and Mom and Dad.
  Josh's birth was very different than any other Hall baby--caesarean section (first out of 8 deliveries). First baby who spent time in the NICU.  (Mysterious infection he was born with...?? Wonky white cell counts in the first few minutes of life...etc) and, now, at 11 months old, I have declared him:


Um, yes.  Ouch.

So, to benefit all of us nursing mothers, here are some reminders for dealing with biting...

1) Remember that he can't be truly nursing *and* biting at the same time.  Physics won't allow it!

2) In light of the above, don't try to "force" Baby to nurse.  When he is teething, especially, be sure he's actually wanting to nurse, before beginning a session.

3) If Baby is teething (many *are* when they start biting), offer comfort measures, such as a clean, cold, wet washcloth to bite/suck or a cold teether from the fridge.  Folks used to recommend freezing the teethers, but that is *not* suggested any more, since babies can hurt their gums on frozen teethers.  My Josh is that kind of baby.  He has bitten down hard on several things, resulting in tears and even blood. :-(

4) Avoid using Orajel just before nursing.  This kind of topical anesthetic can make latching difficult.  Also, in May 2012, the FDA began recommending that parents *not* use these in children under 2 years old, except under the advice and supervision of a healthcare professional.

5) When If Baby bites, calmly (snort) remove him from the breast and end the session, saying, "Oh. I see you don't want to nurse."  Personally, I have a unique way of doing this that tends to look more like, "YEEEEOOOUCH!  No BITING!!" followed by a rapid (yet safe and humane) descent of Baby into a playpen...after which, I assume a defensive posture.  (Yes, arms folded across chest.  How did you guess?)  After a few minutes, I retrieve Baby for cuddles and kisses, but perhaps not nursing for a while longer.  (Did I mention, "Ouch?")

So, with all of Josh's bitey behavior, I plan to wean him early, right?  No. The nipping really is manageable and fairly predictable and all the antibodies and wonderful nutrition is still there in the milk.  Also, I generally avoid weaning in the Fall or Winter.  It is a great comfort to me that if I or Josh were to become ill, Mama's Milk would be right there available to him to give his fledgling immune system a boost from my own.  Breastmilk is absorbed so quickly, some is almost certainly absorbed before Baby could vomit it. It truly is "liquid gold" and a living, dynamic source of nutrition and antibodies for Baby.

So, hello again, BlogWorld.  I am considering using The Ewe's Gnus to not only share about our life, but also to benefit the nursing mamas I have the honor of working with.  I am s-l-o-w-l-y working toward my certification as an IBCLC and I plan to use the blog to focus my thoughts... and for, well...whatever strikes my fancy!  But, for now I must go...and don't forget:

Y'all keep your wool dry!

The Ewe, a.k.a. Amy

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