Sunday, December 26, 2004

This is Serious

Ok. This blizzard is not fun any more.
I'm now out of coffee creamer AND sugar.
I cannot live under these conditions.
We are now constructing snowshoes out of badminton racquets and duct tape.
Stay tuned...
The Ewe


Lisa-Anne said...

awww honey I'm sorry! *hugs*
in a pinch, use honey, or little packets of hot chocolate or hersheys syrup to sweeten coffee. (can you tell I've been desperate before?? :))
I've even made creamer by making my own homemade rice milk! (desperation does things to a person!)
LOVE you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe!
You know I love reading your posts. I am praying for you guys. New Years came so quietly here at "Motel 6." It just kind of eased in. (There was a guy looking for his lost animal the other day...) That's a good thing. Be careful in your goings and comings! The Ram needs his Ewe.

I love you more than life.

The Ram