Friday, December 24, 2004

Dashing Through the Snow...

...or not. :-) Actually, we're sitting here having a great "Little House" Christmas. Tiny Tot's First Christmas has been a very, very, snowy, icy one. Definitely one for the books. I managed to get the van out of the snow-pit that had formed around it, but when I tried to go around a tiny curve in our driveway, the van started slipping toward the ditch. I took that as a sign we're supposed to stay put at least another day. We were supposed to go to The Ram's parents' house on Wed, but we're still here, on Friday--Christmas Eve. I absolutely refuse to be disappointed. We're having hilarious meals, "living off the land" (i.e. from the freezer and pantry). We have a lot of leftovers frozen in single servings that the Ram took with him to work. Everyone is getting something different for Christmas Eve dinner. LOL We'll be going to the GrandRams as soon as possible and until then we're being jolly. The Ram has called everyday from the Sandbox. I'm pinching myself with delight that we've gotten to talk with him so much. We had a wonderful visit with him Thanksgiving week, after which he flew out to Points Beyond. He is now established in his home-away-from-home and we're getting pictures via email. What a different looking place than here! We miss him terribly, but we're staying extra busy. Though it's sad to be separated at Christmas, we've taken advantage of the busyness of the season to keep our minds occupied. You know, the discipline of the mind is the hardest thing for me. It takes real energy to force yourself to dwell on things that are "true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and of good repute." (take a peek at Philippians 4:8-9) The hardest part is at the end of the day, when things are winding down and my soul longs to connect to its mate. It has often been that that is when the phone would ring, and the Ram would be on the line. Our Lord is very kind.
I've had some times that I've said, "Lord, remember! Remember You said You'd take care of us!" Ah, His grace is sufficient. The first night of our winter storm, with ice literally falling from the sky, Musical began coughing that awful, seal bark cough. I prayed everso fervently. "Lord, You know we couldn't get to the hospital if we had to. Please calm her cough." He did. That hasn't been the only instance where God has been my husband lately. There was also, "Lord, YOU know how to make this heater work. Please show me what to do." He did. It worked. I'm realizing how I take my husband for granted. I had to figure out how to change the light bulb in our overhead lights! LOL It wasn't the actual light bulb part, but rather the part where you take the glass cover off. Oh, and the dollhouse--we bought the girls a nice wooden dollhouse for Christmas. Assembly required. Sigh. Well, Carnival had that thing together in no time. What a gal.
Ah, I could go on, but Tiny Tot is needing his mama. Y'all keep your wool dry--and warm!
Have a Blessed Birthday Party for Jesus!
The Ewe
Quote of the Day: "I'm dusting its tentacles!" Musical's response when I found her swatting at the ceiling fan with a feather duster.


momof4gr8kids said...

Oh, I'm so glad you didn't try to go on. I've thought about you and prayed for you all day!!! Enjoy the lambs and have a blessed Christmas.

Lisa-Anne said...

Dearest! So glad to get an update and read your post!
I had hoped the Lord would give you a clear sign today as to going or staying; I'm so glad He did and you and the little lamborghinis are tucked up safe in your home! :)
You'll get where you're going soon enough! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I'm sure everyone will be really happy when you *do* get there!
*HUGS* and much love to you, I'm praying for you to have a wonderful nights sleep and a beautiful day tomorrow! I heard it was going to get up to 40 by Monday where you are! :)
love and many blessings on you each!

Mama Lamba said...

Awww, you gals are the best! Love ya both!
The Ewe