Monday, May 23, 2005

Life at the Fold--May 23

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s!
I just realized I'm not doing a very good job at reporting on the sometimes run-of-the-mill days around here, and that was kinda the point of my starting this blog. The Ram (for those of you just tuning in) deployed to Country Across the Sea last Dec. Before he left, he helped me set up this blog so that he could tune in and peek into our days here at The Fold. I'm going to attempt to post more often to provide that "peek."
I hadn't slept well the last 2 nights--Tater Tot had a very high fever and the Hot Tot just couldn't settle. So, The Ewe kept vigil Sat. and Sun. nights. Finally, today, his fever broke and he started acting like his old self. I'm looking forward to what I hope will be a better night tonight.
I hear tell that the workers showed up today at our house that we rent out down in TN. The work is tantalizingly close to being complete. Praise GOD!!! It's like a dream come true. LOL Thanks to you FOTES that contacted them.
On the menu today was baked cheeseburgers for lunch and pintos and hot cornbread for dinner. Dinner was served w/ butter and "sweet" tea. YUM! YUM! ("Sweet" is parenthesized, because for you true Southerners, it wouldn't be considered sweet. :-)
You'll notice that breakfast wasn't included on the menu, because I don't believe we had any. When we got up this morning, T.T. was very clingy and lunchtime got here before we'd had breakfast. It's not uncommon, though, for us to have only 2 meals a day--plus snacks.
Lawnmower Man's Mama came by and mowed our yard this afternoon. Lawnmower Man is a college student and is very busy--Mama's helping out for the time being. I have noticed that Mama has a little closer eye to detail than L.M. :-) Our yard looks really good this year, though my beloved tulips never made an appearance. Even my next favorite--black irises--were a no-show. Wah! :-(
The Lambies played out quite a bit today. Musical, who turns 5 tomorrow! has just about got her two-wheel bike-riding down. I'll be glad when her ability is perfected--she looks pretty beat up, LOL.
The Lambs also spent some time this evening scrubbing down the picnic table. For Mother's Day, a sweet couple of ladies at church gave all the mamas a picnic basket, filled with yummy picnic goodies. So, now that our table is all tidy, I'm anxious to pack a picnic. We may do that tomorrow for Musical's birthday.
Carnival and Lovable used some of their chore money last week to buy Musical a birthday gift. They are a thoughtful little pair. Carnival spent some time today planning out a party for her sister. It will be fun. :-)
Well, (yawn) I'm going to sign off for the night and hit the hay. (yawn) I'll update soon...
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

Friday, May 20, 2005

Operation F.I.F.

Hi, Friends...
I thought I'd update you on Operation Fix It or Fifteen. Some workers showed up Tuesday (I believe it was) and did do a portion of the remaining work. They said they'd be back Friday (that's today)--I'm sure hoping they do. My understanding is that they received a fair number of faxes and some phone calls. :-) We surely appreciate you folks who took the time to help us out like that.
Gotta run...We had strong storms last night and I'm not very "with it" this morning...gonna take me a while to get the Lambs' breakfast made!
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "Only one strip left 'til my birthday!!!" Musical, referring to the weeks on a calendar. :-)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Operation Fix It or Fifteen

Hey, F.O.T.E.'s,
Some of you know that 3 months ago, we hired a contractor out of Paducah to do some repairs on the house we own and currently rent out in TN. Well, the fellow we hired did a portion of the repairs, but hasn't been seen (except to come get more money, which I am no longer handing out ;-)in a couple months or so. We've called innumerable times and sent certified letters, pleading with the company to complete the work. We are very anxious to get these repairs done, so the folks who want to buy the house can. We've tried being nice, tried being assertive, tried crying (yes, I confess), tried every tactic we can think of (barring those being illegal/immoral--though even some of those crossed my mind during weak moments). Absolutely nothing will prod this company to complete this job. So, today, we launched "Operation Fix It or Fifteen." (the "Fifteen" being the $1500 we want refunded if they won't do the work.) This is not intended in any way to be threatening to the company, just to bring attention to our plight, and, ideally, prompt them to finish what they started. So, we have begun a phone calling and letter writing campaign. From the time The Ram announced that he was being deployed, wonderful friends and family members have repeatedly told us, "If there's ever anything we can do for you, while The Ram is gone, just let us know..." Well, here's something, LOL. The Ram and I can't spend all day, every day, calling and writing letters to these folks, so we're asking our friends and family to contact the company on our behalf. Yes, in case you haven't noticed, we're getting desperate. LOL
Well, I just wanted to document our progress on Operation Fix It or Fifteen. Here's to a great campaign!!!!
The Ewe

"All great journeys begin with a single step."

Tater Tot's First Haircut

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s!
Thought I'd try to do a quick post before things really get rolling her at The Fold.
You'll notice that "Tiny Tot" is now "Tater Tot." If you've ever been around him at mealtime, you'll understand the change. :-)
I had noticed for a while now that T.T.'s hair was creeping over the edge of his collar. So, I gathered information about how to go about cutting his hair. This is a new one for me. With the girls, we just let it grow as much as it would. But The Boy...hmmm...
Yesterday, when he was seeming calm, we set him down and I began going over his head, pulling up hair and clipping it off. I've discovered, Floyd the Barber, I ain't. LOL Oh, where, oh where, is The Ram?!?! I'd intended to wait until he got back and let *him* do the hair cutting, but T.T.'s shaggy "do" was getting to be more than I could stand.
The sad thing is, I only got half of his head done before he was too wiggly to continue. From a distance, he looks fine. :-)
Well, I'm sure this story will be continued...but for now, I must go.
Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: Musical: "Why do they want to sleep on the roof?" Upon seeing the feather beds airing on the roof of the cabin at The Homeplace, 1850. LOL

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Update from The Fold

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s!
Well, it's been too long since an update. It's not that nothing has been going on, just the opposite! It's been so much going on, I haven't taken the time to sit down and write.
Carnival, Lovable and I are taking a quilting class at The Homeplace. If you're not from around here, you may not know about The Homeplace at Land Between the Lakes. LBL is a beautiful nature area about an hour and a half from here. When the Ram and I were in college, we went there near every weekend. Go over to to take a peek. Anyway, The Homeplace is a working farm, set up as it would have been in the 1850's. The historical interpreters are in period dress and they're always eager to answer questions and let you take part in their activities. In the past, we've split logs, stirred lye soap, gathered herbs from the herb garden...many things. Once, we attended a "Wedding" there, as it would have been in the 1800's. It's great fun.
So, our latest Homeplace adventure is quilting. We are making a wall hanging, consisting of 4 blocks. One is a nine-patch, one is a Grandmother's Flower Garden and one is a Churn Dash. The fourth block will be one of our choosing--I'm considering Bear Paw. I'm finding this to be faster and easier than knitting or cross-stitch, what with the little ones around. With cross-stitch, I was always losing my count when I had to attend a child. Same for knitting and crochet. With this, it's pretty obvious where you left off, LOL.
Carnival is Miss Speedy--she's nearly finished with her 3 blocks. I'm helping Lovable with her Nine-Patch and I'm just starting on my Grandmother's Flower Garden. We're having a lot of fun.
Well, must go. Life at The Fold is calling.
Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: Reading from Proverbs 24:13, I asked Musical to fill in the blank: "...honey from the..._________ is sweet to the taste..." Musical replies: "Store!" Mom says, "No..." Musical tries again: "Cow!?" (the answer is comb) :-)