Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ok...I'm Spoiled/ Winner of the Ewe-manitarian Award

Hello F.O.T.E.s!
I can definitely feel myself becoming spoiled. I just had my groceries delivered to my kitchen counter, by way of a local grocery store's delivery gal. I filled out my order last night online, then she brought them right into my kitchen just minutes ago. Wow. Who'da thunk?
So far, this is my favorite perk of living near a big city. Ummm...maybe the only one yet...except for the part about The Ram having a job and all...That's a really big perk. ;-) Besides, without that perk, we couldn't afford the other one.
Anyway, I think I could get used to grocery shopping from my computer chair. Especially right now, when it would take who-knows-how-long for me to waddle myself around a grocery story, LOL!
Becky was the delivery gal's name. I considered telling her, "I thank you and my womb thanks you..." but I decided that might weird her out and she'd be reluctant to bring my groceries again, LOL. So, I just said, "Thanks." It seemed to be enough.
An aside: I and all the Lambies are sick. Just colds, so no big deal...but annoying, none the less. Even more reason to have my food delivered. :-)
I also want to nominate my new friend, D.J. for the "Ewe-manitarian Award" for telling me about the grocery store that delivers. THANKS, D.J.!! HUGS!
Ok...gotta go put away the groceries. Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "I have beaver right here..." Tater Tot, holding his *feverish* forehead


Lisa-Anne said...

Praying you all get well quickly... we're in the same boat... sore throats, the children are tossing cookies, etc. (me too, but for the cookie part). Praying the babe doesn't catch it!

Oh, I thought I used to regale you with tales of having my groceries delivered? :) I don't consider it being spoiled, I consider it necessary for survival!! lol! :)
Anyhow, glad you were able to do that, it really does make things easier, especially when one is gravid!

Love ya,

Mama Lamba said...

Aww, LA! Here's praying y'all get well quickly.

Anonymous said...

I humbly accept your gracious award! Thank you for the HUGS as they're always valuable to me!! WISH I could help the sickies go away as easy as it was to share my grocery secrets! LOL
Welcome to the city! D.J.

momof4gr8kids said...

I'm so envious! Think our local IGA would deliver. LOL Nevermind, I can't afford to buy my groceries from them anyway.

I feel for you on the cold yuck. Isaac had one when Zach was born, Patrick was next, and now I have it. glad I didn't have this cough with those staples from the c-section...OUCH. Thank God for even the smallest of blessings!

Praying for a quick recovery for you guys. Having two kiddos on-board is work enough without fighting illness too.

Mama Lamba said...

ROTFLOL about IGA delivering. Made me burst out laughing. (4gr8 and I used to live in the same town, and the IGA there was not the most customer friendly) LOL Thanks for the well wishes.