Saturday, September 30, 2006


Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
How is Sat. treating you? The Lambs and I are recovering from what turned out to be a nasty virus. The little ones are still coughing pretty badly, but all fever is gone and they are perking right up. I think I caught the worst of it. Now, my voice is pretty much gone. So, right now, *The Ewe* is squeaking like a *mouse* and waddling like a *duck,* LOL!
I was just thinking this morning that we are approaching the 2 year anniversary of The Ram's deployment to The Sandbox. He left the middle of Oct, 2004. It feels like yesterday. Veterans' Day will be the one year anniversary of his homecoming. My, how the years fly!!!
Do you remember my post from right before The Ram left? When I was driving home in the rain from an errand we all took and I was pouring out my hurts and fears to the Lord while the rest of the van slept? Then, out of the rain, the Lord gave me a rainbow to remind me of His promise? Well...
A few weeks ago, when I was driving home alone from my high level ultrasound, the sky opened up and rained like crazy. I had already been crying as I drove along, grieving over Baby B's severe birth defect. Somehow, the rain was a comfort--as if God were weeping along with me. Suddenly, the thought hit me, "He's given me a rainbow! Where is it??" Though the rain was pouring down, I started looking for that beautiful sign. It took some time, but finally I found my rainbow. It was behind me. It could have been there a long time before I found it, I just had to stop driving so I could look harder. I was immediately filled with such peace. I felt God pouring out His Comfort on me. The Holy Spirit had filled our van and I was overcome with gratitude to my Lord. Now, it might seem strange to some how I could be feeling gratitude when a doctor had just told me that one of my precious, beloved babies was going to die. I really can't explain it. The Bible calls it "peace that passes understanding." It certainly passed *my* understanding, so there's no way I could explain it to anyone else, LOL! The thing I was rejoicing in was not that my baby was sick, but that the Lord is The LORD. He *is* in control. He *is* merciful. He *is* good--ALL the time. Who am I to expect to understand HIS ways? Personally, I do not *want* a God whom I fully understand. I need a God so much bigger than me, that I know any problem I have is infinitely smaller than Him. His wisdom is way deeper than I can comprehend.
That rainbow was like a hug from God. We are being refined like silver in fire. It hurts...but I trust my Lord. We don't know what the Lord plans for our little Baby B--or Baby A or any of our Lambs for that matter--but we know He loves us and will carry us through all our trials.
Well, I've typed on and on today, eh? :-) Just felt like I needed to share.
Hey, y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "Police officer? Yes, there is a bear in my soup." Tater Tot, talking into a play phone, holding a plastic toy bear in a toy cooking pot. :-)


Anonymous said...

LOL I love the quote of the day. :) Thanks for sharing about your rainbow and thoughts - so beautiful. *HUGS*

Lisa-Anne said...

Oh I love you so much!
There's always a rainbow, huh? I can so completely relate that it's not even funny.
Ewe are my sunshine, My only one-of-my-many-because-I'm-so-blessed sunshines, you make me happy, when skies are grey-or-blue-or-orange-or-pink-
Ewe'll never know, dear, how much I love Ewe, Oh please don't take my sunshine away! (for-even-one-second-because-the-world -is-such-a-brighter-place-with-Ewe-in-it!)

Praying love like rain falls down on you, every minute of every day...
and kiss that tot for me!!!

Mama Lamba said...

C'mon gals, I'm hormonal (sniff, sniff). :-) I love ya right back. You are so sweet. HUGS!!!