Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ugh...The Flu

Hed-do Fweinds...
We all haf codes in our nodes. (sniff)

We've decided to stay Down South at least another day to recover. I'm feeling much, much better, but The Ram is really "under it." The children are doing very well--just some sniffles now.

Guess what...
I have feet!! AND I can now wash the bottom of my (squishy, soft ;-) belly without using a big, long loofah. LOL What an adventure. Wouldn't trade it for anything...

Ok...gotta run...er walk pretty slowly. When you lose that much weight that quickly, ye olde Balance takes a while to uh, re-balance. Tee hee!

Hey, do me a favor. Write a note today to someone you've lost touch with, Ok?

Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe


Lisa-Anne said...

I would do you that favor, but I'm in touch with every possible person I have an address for! lol! :) Unless you have info on old friend's whereabouts that I don't?? :)
Love you!!!
Praying for fast recovery!

momof4gr8kids said...

Oh, Ewe...have me tell you later how my best friend from middle and high school and I reconnected just a few weeks ago. It's so nice being in touch again. So many changes in our lives, but we still have that connection!


Lisa-Anne said...

Ok Mission Accomplished. :)
I've been chatting via email with about a dozen old friends that I met at summer camp when I was 14, through about 18 years old. :)It's funny to think that all those people I loved and looked up to have grown up just like me and have children and jobs and spouses... lol! I still picture them all out on the lake water skiing or diving off the the docks or eating ice cream and making "splatter paint" shirts... (okay some of them are still doing all that!) I think I'm gonna go get some t-shirts for my younguns and teach them how to tie die and do splatter paint... :)
Love ewe!