Monday, March 12, 2007

Hello, I'm The Ewe and I'm a...

Hello, F.O.T.E's,
I have an alarming confession to make. A few seconds ago, I was viewing a (brace yourselves) webpage devoted entirely to (are you ready?) doing laundry.
Now, as disturbing as *that* is, that's not even my confession. While I was viewing that page outlining One Gal's Way (to do her family's wash), I noticed my pulse racing. My palms were getting damp. Then, in a moment of self-awareness, I knew it was true...I suffer from Colorcodiphobia.
Those of you who know me well will not be surprised by this admission. The Ram and I have been married 16 years, so far. For the past 16 years I have struggled mightily to learn to keep house--let alone Make a Home. I have a picture/idea in my mind how I want the house to look. That would be, basically, tidy. I'm not shooting for a magazine cover (stop laughing), just tidiness.
In this quest, I have read many books, articles, etc on how to improve myself in this area. None of them has fit exactly right for me, but I have definitely improved. The biggest, most helpful thing that I/we did was to get rid of tons of unneeded treasures. (I was tempted to say "junk," but some of it was actually useful!) Just paring down like that has eased our cleaning load considerably, especially in the laundry department...which brings me back to today....
Yup. Looking at the One Gal's Way of doing laundry, with all her neat white boxes with labels--correction--Color Coded labels, made me realize how panicked I feel when faced with color- coded anything. I break out in a sweat. I feel like I'm about to take an exam.
Now, don't get me wrong...I think being organized is really important. I *believe* in it. And, like I said, as poor as I am at it, I *have* improved in this area. I've gotten a tiny bit better with each child. (survival!) Still, I admit, it's my handicap. We all have our challenges, no? :-)
I realized a few minutes ago, my Colorcodiphobia is not limited to laundry. Any time, under any circumstance I can think of, trying to keep things color-coded stresses me out. When organizing gurus start out by introducing you to their great system--complete with "color codes"--I immediately feel alienated by them. I think, "Oh. You're one of *them." You could never understand me." I like the organizing folks who start out by saying, "Before I developed this routine, my house was a wreck." *That* I can identify with! Sigh...LOL
Well, I hope you won't hold this painful admission against me. I *am* tilting at this windmill! LOL I guess for me it's a "line upon line, precept upon precept" growth process. Ah, well. Progress, not perfection, right? :-)
So, I'll keep plugging away. I want my children to have more of a clue than me...we're kinda learning together. :-) But please, if you send me organization advice, don't start out by saying, "OK, this color means..."
tee hee
Hey here's *my* advice--Y'all keep your wool dry!!! :-)
The Ewe


Lisa-Anne said...

ewe're funny! :)
Red means anointing
Blue means revelation
Purple means royalty/majesty
Gold means Favor
Green means the Emerald Rainbow around the Throne...
Orange means Glory
Can you deal with MY color chart?? teehee! :)

Sherral said...

ROTFLOL So that's what it is called. I'm not particularly phobic of it, I just don't get it. Now what was red again? Oh, yeah, red mean stop, green means go, and apparently yellow is "get on it before it changes to red". That is about as much color coding as I want in my life.

Sandra Felton has helped me the most. FlyLady helped some too...but I hate wearing shoes in the house. Who wants to track through WalMart then through the house where the baby is playing in the floor! yuck We take our shoes off when we come in the door!

Alipurr said...

soo funny. I have been organizationally challenged myself, ha ha. Decluttering, simplifying is always on my mental short term and long term goal lists.... so much to say on this subject, thanks for sharing

I am on the personal get everything finished before the baby comes plan....My bed is even made today, and you can see the carpet in my bedroom, and walk a straight path to the bed, on all sides....

Mama Lamba said...

LA--yup, I dig that color code! Praise God! :-)
Yeah, I like Sandra Felton (Messies Manual) and FlyLady alot--also Don Aslett's stuff, Clutter's Last Stand, etc. Still, I think it's all a matter of gleaning from the "gurus" and adapting to your individual situation
Ali--ROTFLOL Nest away, my dear friend. :-) How's the lil peanut?