Friday, April 27, 2007

Very Quick "Howdy"

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s!
Yes, The Ewe is alive and kicking...we've had a lot going on lately.
Indeed, around the first of April, The Flock all moved back to the Big City. I was figuratively "punched in the gut" when I saw our belongings all laid out in the garage, drying out from the Great Flood. Somehow, I wasn't prepared for that and I ended up taking to bed a couple days, depressed and overwhelmed. Then, I says to myself, "Self! This ain't gettin' nuttin' done!" so I pulls myself outta bed and...Well, I'm still only chipping away at stuff...very slowly...but at least I'm not despairing about it all. lol
Let's see....we're in the process of buying a 15 passenger van. Our minivan still holds everyone, but it's a verrrrry tight squeeze. If there's any amount of cargo, it's pretty close. So, we're hoping to acquire a lil "elbow room."
Weather here has been wet the last week, but we've been spared any severe weather--I know some in the Midwest can not say that.
A couple Saturdays ago we attended a Family Meeting for Alexandra's House. That's the "perinatal hospice" for families of babies with life threatening birth defects. I'll tell you, I didn't think my blue mood that's hung around for weeks had anything to do with Charity's passing, but after attending that meeting, I realized that it *did*. It helped a lot going to meet with those other sweet mamas and daddies, even though I didn't really want to go. I decided, though, that I don't avoid thinking/talking about any of my other children, so I didn't need to avoid thinking/talking about my Sweet Charity. Anyway, it was good and I have been in a much better emotional state since the meeting.
Ok...I've really gotta run...I'll try, try, try to update you good people more often.
Love ya!
Hey, Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe


Lisa-Anne said...

I love you!!
So good to hear from you... sorry about the great flood.
I'm always here if ever you need an ear... (but I'll need it back when you're done as I will look silly with one!)
(ok read the last paragraph outload, It'll make ya proud! ;) )

Lisa-Anne said...

er, outloud, not outload!