Saturday, April 18, 2009

School Bus

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
Hope this finds you well. The weather here in AL can't decide whether to be Spring or Winter. Today, it's Spring. And beautiful.
You know, when the weather turns warmer, a lot of folks begin to think about traveling. I guess our Flock is no different. Last week, I clicked over to one of my favorite blogs. I was surprised to find out that family was selling their school bus, which they had converted to an r.v.
Now, we had read their blog a couple years ago, and noted the progress on their bus. It caused us to keep our eyes peeled for any school bus *we* could buy and convert. We had planned on buying a 5th wheel a few years back, but just couldn't bear the thought of plunking down 10,000 hard earned dollars on something we would only get to use periodically. So, we held on to our money and decided the school bus idea would be better for us--cheaper (by far) and bigger, to hold our plus sized family. The only school-bus-turned-recreational vehicle problem was that I *knew* we did not have the time needed to complete such an enormous project. I feared that we would buy a bus and--months...years? later, still have a school bus sitting in the driveway, raising the ire of the neighbors.
Enter . Behold! The very bus that began our "skoolie" (kitschy name for buses converted to r.v.'s) quest was for sale! At a bargain price. Ah, the perfect solution!
So...we bought it. The Ram and GrandRam and TaterTot will leave in a couple weeks to pick up the bus. They'll drive it home on (what we're referring to as) the Man Trip. Tater can hardly wait to be on the open road, in the skoolie, eating vienna sausages, Spam, squirt cheese and hard boiled eggs. LOL Probably need some root beer, too.
I can't help but feel that we have just embarked on another adventure. I'll keep you updated.
Must run...I've got about a dozen bags of Amish Friendship Bread starter that are demanding my attention. Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe


Alipurr said...

that is so cool! Congrats on such a wonderful acquisition!! Let the adventures begin!!

Andie said...

YAY! Can't wait to get it this weekend!!!! YAY!!!!