Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Skoolie News

Hello, Friends of the Ewe,
Well, we've had a lot of rain here...and the occasional tornado warning. Those warnings send us into the "Tornado Closet," which used to be The Ram's and my clothes closet. Our clothes are still in there, but the room also houses bottled water, extra diapers, canned soup, etc. We tidy in there every time we have a warning.
Some of you may have read of our new venture: the r.b. (recreational bus). Indeed, the Man Trip to retrieve it ended May 3rd. It was supposed to end May 2nd, but, well...you know how that goes. On the 2nd, the Lambs and I drove up to IL to meet the conquering heroes, GrandRam, Ram and Tater Tot. The girls wanted to ride with The Men in Moby (r.b.) from IL down here to AL, as kind of a "get to know you" cruise, lol.
Anyway, we stopped to fuel near Ft. Campbell, KY--our old stomping grounds. When The Ram cranked up the bus after the refuel, it ran a few minutes, then sputtered out. Nothing the men did would coax that bus to start up again. We prayed. Fiddled around. Tinkered. Prayed. Called a few folks. Nothing.
So, The Ram suggested the only sensible option for 2 a.m. Go to sleep. Those of us who were still awake at that time prowled around and found spots to claim, then curled up like puppies for a few hours' shut eye. The truckstop's sign provided a night light for us. The Ram and GrandRam each made trips into the store to buy blankets, as the temp was pretty cool that night. Somehow, everyone else found things to cover up with.
Early the next morning, everyone began to rouse and stumble into the truckstop to go to the bathroom. Then, we got biscuits from the Wendy's there and had a nice breakfast. Oh, and the coffee was pretty yummy. We grown ups appreciated the warmth it brought after the chilly night.
The Ram asked a cashier for a recommendation for a mechanic. He called him and the mechanic arrived a bit later. After trying a couple different parts, they found the troublemaker. Soon, Moby was up and running again.
So, our first overnight in the r.b. was *not* planned, but fun anyway. In our experience, camping always brings the unexpected. This time, the camping *was* the unexpected, lol!
We had initally decided to take Moby waaaay down South for Memorial Day weekend, but changed our minds after The Ram drove it into town last week to try to get it licensed. It was 85 degrees outside, and who knows how hot inside. With my hyperthyroidism, that's just plain too hot. So, we'll get the air conditioning situation worked out, then replan the Maiden Voyage. We are planning to spend an overnight this weekend at a park nearby. (The Lambs were terribly disappointed to not take Moby on Memorial Day.)
We feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity to watch the Lord work as we travel in the bus. We're anticipating a lot of memories being made in the Big, Blue Bus.
Must run for now. I'll tell you about The Man Trip next time.
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "It's always fun until someone does it to Mom." --The Ewe

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Alipurr said...

thank God you found a mechanic who could fix it the next day! glad you made it home ok