Saturday, January 22, 2005

Got My Rotten-Tomato Shield Up, a.k.a. Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Hi, Friends.
I've known for a few weeks now that I needed to pen some words about Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Many churches observed it last week or will tomorrow. It makes my heart heavy to talk about, for I know my beliefs on the subject will anger some folks whom I think a lot of. For some reason, though, this year I feel compelled to share a bit of what I think. Those close to me have heard me ask before, "Are you 'pro-life' or just 'anti-abortion?'" I believe abortion is abhorrent. I also believe that the roots of it go back a lot farther than Roe v. Wade. I think abortion has been cultivated for decades in our society, with its disdain for children and basic disregard for the imperfect. Look up "Margaret Sanger." (Her group incubated the modern Planned Parenthood.) Though lauded today as something of the "mother of birth control," her views (if folks were aware of them) included sterilizing the "unfit" and basically killing off whole races...Shocking. Think, "Hitler." From what I've read of her thoughts, she blames pretty much all evil on children and the bearing of them. Now, for the tomato-dodging...if you're so inclined, the below is a link to a "food for thought" article. Be warned...if you poke around at that website too much, you'll most certainly find a lot that makes you mad and that you disagree with. I don't necessarily agree with all of's an ever changing site with new stuff all the time, so no one would agree with everything. For now, I'm just encouraging you to read the one article. One of those, "things that make you go, 'hmmm...'"
Sorry this isn't one of those humorous glimpses of The Fold. Hope you will allow me this indulgence of my soapbox. The Lambies are always providing more fodder...just stay tuned.
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

UPDATE as of Jan. 29:
Take a look at this link, too:


Lisa-Anne said...

sweetpea, dontcha know by now that most of your friends are in agreement with you? lol! You can put the rotten tomato sheild down now, I think!!! haha! Besides, I'd step in and take a tomato for you gladly, should the need arise! (not that it will!)
HUGS and I love you very very much!!!!

Lisa-Anne said...

Besides (i guess I wasn't through commenting previously after all!! lol!)
you say things with such a *Spirit of Grace* and with the Father's own heart for the hearers that I cannot imagine anyone taking offense or being angry at your views - maybe at the tone others take, but *ewe* are full of grace and beauty and truth, and the mouth speaks what the heart is full of!!
Love EWE! :)