Monday, January 24, 2005

Snap Shot of The Fold

Let's see, just for history's sake:
A week ago last Thursday, my fuel pump went out at Walmart. It was just about to blizzard again...temp dropping rapidly...I was glad we were at Walmart with heat and food and water and a toilet. The little things, you know. AAA called me a wrecker and MommyX3 came and rescued us. Finally got my van back this past Friday. I actually enjoyed the week without the van--living "off the land" (i.e. from the pantry and deep freeze). I got a lot of work done. The children had various projects going, so cabin fever never set in.
Saturday, two days ago: another rapid temp drop, accompanied by really weird weather. It began by spitting snow (as Mama would say). Actually, it looked more like itty bitty tiny hail. Then, the wind picked up and it started snowing more violently. A friend reported that visability went to zero while she was on the road. It snowed furiously for a while, then, as if Someone hit the switch, it stopped and the sun came out brightly. I looked for a "snowbow" but didn't see one. Eventually, the sun went back in and it started snowing again. Sunday, we stayed home from church, due to snowy/icy roads. Our church is two counties over, via back roads. We decided it best to stay put.
Today (Monday) we drove to a small community post office a few miles up the road and mailed the Ram a birthday box. I'm hoping it will make it Over the Pond by his birthday in the near future. The post mistress there was really nice and interested in our situation. I assured her we'd be seeing her frequently over the next year. I like those little post offices. Seems like the folks there have more time to deal with you and are more blessed with patience than people at the bigger p.o.'s. I know that's not always true, but I have had better service at those little shacks than at the marble edifices in town. You know, I'm liable to ask a "dumb" question, and I like folks to have some grace for this small-town girl.
Well, Tiny Tot has designs on my time and he assures me he can not wait another minute. The Ewe better run...Y'all keep your wool dry...
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "Mama, what does 'analyze' mean?" --4 year old Musical


Lisa-Anne said...

LOL! :) I hope you told Musical that it means she mustn't trust Ana!!!
LOVE ewe!!!

Mama Lamba said...

LOL, LA! Took me a minute. :-) We love corny puns around here. GRIN!