Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy Birthday to......

Hello, F.O.T.E.s! Actually, tomorrow, Oct. 8 is Lovable's birthday, but we'll be celebrating today. We'll be meeting her buddies at the park to enjoy a picnic and cake and ice cream. It's hard to believe this girl is 8 years old! She asked me yesterday if I remembered when *I* was 8. I told her I remember my 8th birthday, because I got a swingset. I hung upside down on the bar and thought, "Wow. I'm 8 now. I've got to start acting my age." LOL I remember feeling very old and mature. Yes, turning 8 was a very serious event for The Ewe. LOL
In other news, we rolled the trash dumpster out to the curb last night. Another trash day down...we have tantalizingly few more "roll outs" left before The Ram returns home to us. I'm getting awfully nervous--to the point of frantic, truth be told, LOL. I keep thinking of things I wanted to have done before he got back...Frankly, I fear some of those just aren't going to happen at this point. I think he'll still want to come home, though, even though the garage has yet to be cleaned out. ;-) Surely all the "wags and licks" he'll be assaulted with will distract him from the clutter in the garage. Don't you think? :-)
Well, I'm going to sign off for today. Many Big Doings to get ready for.
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "Carnival, I'm going to the bathroom...TAIL your brother." (The Ewe)
"Ok [turns to baby]...Tater Tot, Mom's going to the bathroom." (Carnival)


Lisa-Anne said...

Tail your brother! :) I think I need to have Carnival out for another visit to work on accents. :) Or was she just being funny? :) lol... I will probably chuckle all day long over that one!

Happy Birthday to miss Lovable!!! Ivy says welcome to the 8 year old girl club! :)

Mama Lamba said...

Yeah--Carnival was being funny. She's not *that* Southern yet! LOL I will pass on Ivy's welcome to the 8YO Club. ;-)
Hugs, Sister!

momof4gr8kids said...

Happy Birthday, Loveable!!! You are just growing up way too fast.

Blessings and Prayers!!