Thursday, October 13, 2005

Just the Quote, Ma'am

Quote of the Day:
(Overheard at The Fold): Musical and Lovable were playing...
Musical: "I'm not going to talk like a stylish teenager; I'm going to talk like a nice one."



Lisa-Anne said...

Yesterday Ivy asked me if she looked like a teenager yet! She was wearing the cutest ankle length "schoolgirl" dress with a peter pan collar and a headband that pushed her bangs back...she looked like the quintessential YOUNG girl from old movies... :) but I just smiled and said, "Getting there, sweetie!" (which is what she wanted to hear!)I told her that because if she thinks wearing peter pan collars makes her look older, I'll get to keep her looking like my baby much longer! haha! :) They really do grow up too fast!

momof4gr8kids said...

Good for her!! From what I've heard what is "stylish" sure isn't polite or becoming of a young lady (or gentleman for that matter). So glad my teen and my tween aren't concerned with "stylish".