Friday, April 07, 2006

Slinky Surprise

Hello F.O.T.E.'s!
Well The Ewe is busily packing up, throwing out, giving away and burning The Flock's belongings. :-) I guess you could refer to it as The Great Purge. After 15+ years, with no major decluttering, we have a mountain to move. After we clear out from here, we'll be able to join The Ram in Europe. It's all still a bit surreal.
Hey, you know how when you move or declutter you invariably find some "lost" treasures? I know every move we've had (and there have been over a dozen) I've found something I forgot I needed, LOL. This time, I found some Christmas presents that were intended for one of my daughters in 2000. I found several different greeting cards that were intended for several different recipients over several different years. Yup. It's been a Day of Discovery. It's kind of fun to find things you'd forgotten you had...It's not so fun to find something you never knew you had...
Yesterday, we had friends that came and retrieved some of the stuff we really *do* want, in order to babysit it for us during our time abroad. We walked out to The Warehouse (big workshop) to see what goodies we could find. TickleMan found an item that would be useful to him and carried it on out to the trailer. Mrs. TickleMan and I were standing there, looking around and my eye spotted an odd electrical cable, lying on the 2X4 beam, directly over where TickleMan had just been standing. As I followed the cable from one end to the other, I discovered that the Other End had a pointy head!! I immediately thought of The Crocodile Hunter and an episode we saw many years ago. He had gone into an African hut to dispel a vicious viper that had wriggled itself into the roof beam of the the home. He explained how just some itty dab of the venom that snake carried in its body would be enough to kill (I don't know) half the population of Bombay, India. Ok, I don't remember exactly how deadly it was, but it was plenty deadly, let me tell you!
So, I'm staring at this serpent in my outbuilding with *my* mouth hanging open. I could tell by looking, that this snake, unlike The Crocodile Hunter's foe, was a harmless King Snake. In fact, I even consider them beneficial--provided they keep their slinky little (big!) bodies out in the woods or yard, where they belong. I definitely draw the line at them taking up residence in my shed.
The kids think this snake may be a descendant of Sid or Sid II--snakes that The Ram brought home from work a couple years ago (in hopes their presence would discourage mice from hanging around here). While conSIDering this possibility, Lioness said, "Really, it would be a 'de-SID-nant!'"
Anyway, I'm left with a sticky situation. There's still Stuff in The Warehouse. And there's still a DeSIDnant in there, too. And I'm none too eager to go out there and start boxing/burning/giving away again. Where's The Crocodile Hunter when you need him??
Well, I'll try to keep you updated on this unfolding situation. BTW, do any of you know, are there snakes in Europe? ;-)
Gotta go...Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe

Quote of the Day : "Well, really, it would be a 'deSIDnant!'" --LionessLamb


momof4gr8kids said...

I'm fairly certaing there and no...well,not many...well, not any snakes really interested in you personally in Europe. heehee Hey, there aren't any in Alaska!

Love ya,
Mrs. Tickleman (aka MommyX3)

ps...oh, dear...I need to see about chagning that to MommyX4 in Sept!

Lisa-Anne said...

You be careful out there... take a big long stick with you! :)