Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Anybody for a Snow Cup?

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
I've just gotta take a minute to brag on my Lambies. Lioness, Lovable and Musical...and Tater Tot (to the best of his ability) are running a shaved ice stand in our driveway. GrandRam built them a big ol' sign out of dry erase board and they have a utility table set up. They've been freezing ice for days, lol.
We told them at the beginning they would have to pay for their overhead, namely, the sign GrandRam built for them. The Ram, though, offered them a D.B.A. grant (similar to the Small Business Administration, but meaning DADDY Business Administration...akin to the 401Dad)
They have paid us now for the sign (we'll send you the check, GrandRam ;-) and are now in the black. They are handing out flyers announcing the Grand Opening this Sat., complete with giveaways, games and free popcorn. :-)
Something funny happened yesterday--a neighborhood boy came by wanting a Snow Cup, but all he had was a $20 bill. Lioness didn't have change for that--the Snow Cups only cost 50 cents, lol. So, the kid asked if she'd just take the $20 and give him a Snow Cup! She told him, "No, that would be IMMORAL!!!"
I advised her that, in the interest of good P.R., it would be best to just give him a Snow Cup. She did and he promised to "tell all his friends." Yay!
Well, gotta run. Need to go check on the lil entrepreneurs. :-)
Y'all keep your wool dry...and EAT SNOW CUPS!!!
The Ewe

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