Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't Tell Him I Laughed...

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
You know, it really irritates me to be so caught off guard by one of my children, that I laugh at something I'm going to have to discipline them, note that the child in the following anecdote *was* corrected for a bad attitude and actions, and further note that I did *not* laugh at what I'm about to tell you until after said correction *and* out of sight of the offending child. Whew...with that disclaimer out of the way, lol ;-) ...
Last week, Tater Tot was having a bad morning. With The Ram out of town our schedule was off and T.T. hadn't gotten enough sleep. So, he was being just a lil stinker and having a hard time getting along with people. So, I led him back to the bedroom to help him reset his attitude. I started by saying, "T.T., you were acting ugly in there..."
Without a trace of a smile on his scowling face and glaring through narrowed eyes, he stated coldly...
"I *wasn't acting*!!"
Sigh...I must admit, there are days I'm not just acting, too. :-) My attitude needs adjusting sometimes. May the Good Lord help us all not just *act* like we should act, but also *be* like we should be. And by the way, Tater came to me later, hugged my neck and apologized for his earlier behavior. He really is a sweet kid.
Now, don't y'all act up... ;-)

Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

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Lisa-Anne said...

LOL! that sounds like something I'd hear over here. You have more self-control than I do, my kids fairly regularly make me lose my "straight face", and that just makes it harder to get the point across to them that I'm not approving. I never was any good at poker faces!
Mr. B. says hello to Miss H. :)
Love ewe!