Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Longing for 'Laska

Hello, FOTE's,
I'm a heat wimp. We're expecting another day with temps in the 100's, heat index around 110. ACK!!! I don't handle this well. I get testy. I hibernate. Ok, I'm just griping now--ignore me...
Hey! Guess what! We bought a DEhumidifier for our basement last weekend. I am astounded at how much water is in the air down there! We're emptying the tank on that thing (maybe a couple gallons?) every few hours. It's kind of unsettling to know we've been breathing that. LOL Of course, in the winter, we do all we can to put moisture *into* the air. Guess we're like cats--always on the wrong side of the door. :-)
The Amazing Miss H still has no teeth. She's 8 mo. She does like veggies and fruits, though. She just gums them to a pulp, lol. She has learned to clap her hands and we all enjoy watching that. Her mohawk (!) is growing out, so her hair is beginning to lie down...a bit. She's cruising around furniture and anything that will sit still long enough, including siblings. A couple of times she has stood, no hands, for a microsecond before falling down and hopping off. (She doesn't crawl--she hops like a frog.)
Tater spends his days foraging for food and transforming into "Scott the Dog." You never know when Scott will show up. At church Sunday, I turned around to discover Tater was gone and Scott was there. The Ram told Scott that if he (Scott) wanted to walk with him (The Ram) he (Scott) was going to have to walk on his hind legs.
Lovable is working on a new quilt. She's on the square-cutting-out phase.
Musical is really starting to read a lot. In family devotions last night, she impressed us all by reading the word "acknowledging." :-)
Lioness is tending a couple pots of turnips and broccoli on the back deck. She is collecting the worms that get on them for her Daddy. Ram plans on using the worm carcasses to create a spray to put on the plants to scare off any new worms. We're hoping the new ones "smell death."
Ok, well, the Lambs are beginning to rouse for the day. I need to gear up to "run herd."
Y'all keep your wool dry, (cool?)
The Ewe

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