Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another "Failure to Communicate"

Hi again, F.O.T.E.'s,
I'm going to try to type fast and quietly, as I'm the only one still awake here...(shhh...)
Lioness mentioned in a comment on the last post about "open." Reminded me I need to tell you about that episode...
You see, two of the Lambs were sick last week--Lioness had been sick two weeks...Lil Miss H had a *nasty* looking eye. (poor babe) Finally, I saw that they weren't getting better on their own, so I did something drastic. I took them to the doctor. (gasp) Those who know me well know that I resist going to the dr. and resist taking the littles unless absolutely necessary. Ram and I agreed last week--those two had to go.
So, I loaded the whole Flock into the Ark and went to the physician. Lovable was left in charge of Musical and Tater Tot in the waiting room (UGH---GERMS!) while I went back with Lioness and LMH.
Did I mention we don't often go to the doctor?
Dr. G was examining Lioness. Dr. went to Lioness' good ear and looked in. Lioness informed her that *that* wasn't the sore ear. Doc stated, "Yes. I know that. But I want to look at the *good ear* to see how bad the *bad ear* is." chuckle chuckle (Dr. G is very good natured and funny.)
Doc then looked up Lioness' nose. Ick.
Doc then told Lioness, "Open."
Lioness stared at Doc.
Doc again instructed, "Open!"
Lioness stared hard at Doc and even leaned forward a bit. I was thinking it was an "Alpha Dog Showdown" with them both pushing forward toward each other. I also thought Lioness better shape up or she was going to have an "attitude adjustment" when we got home.
When Doc commanded "OPEN your MOUTH!!" we realized that Lioness had thought Doc meant "Open your eyes." Thus the eye-bulging stare.
Oh me. We all got a good laugh out of that.
After the exam, we dismissed to the waiting room to collect the others. The receptionist raved to me about what wonderful children I have (blush). It's always nice for folks to brag on your kids, no?
I praised everyone for their cooperation on the way home and hoped that that was the last doctor's visit for a while.
The next day, Lovable came up to me...
"Mom. My throat hurts."
ARGH!!! Waiting room germs!!!

Oops, there's Lil Miss H...gotta run...
The Ewe


Lisa-Anne said...

That's Hilarious!!!! :) :)
You all are so funny. :)
We've broken down and been to the docs here, too. But it seems whatever this last thing that went around is, it was determined to STAY and continue to get worse. I have 3 of us on Antibiotics, and 2 more who need to go get them. Sad. But justified this time around, I'd say!
Love and hugs and kisses and blessings! :)

Mama Lamba said...

Aww...Sorry you guys are under the weather. :-( Get well!! Love ya!