Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Our Enormous God

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
I just remembered something that happened last week. I think I'd blocked it subconciously, due to it's heartstopping nature.
I was reading my emails early one morning, with Lil Miss H playing near my feet. After a few minutes, she started playing w/ the computer cords and I immediately rose to get her. Suddenly, the printer started falling from the shelf in the closet, over 5 feet up. Miss H was pulling on its cord and had pulled it off! Miracle of miracles, I caught it. I don't remember catching it--and I am *awful* at catching anything but a cold--but there I found myself, both arms stuck out with the printer sitting on top, inches over Miss H's head. It all happened in the span of probably 12 seconds, start to finish. When the shock wore off, I started shaking and thanking God for sparing Miss H. I starting thinking, "What if I hadn't *immediately* gotten up?" "What if I had missed the printer?" "What if..."
All I could do was thank the Lord. I have no doubt whatsoever that *HE* saved her.
So, I gave a last shudder, hugged H, thanked God again, then went on with my day.
I didn't even think about the episode again until that night...
We were involved in a discussion in the living room, the children were playing, talking, reading--run of the mill evening fare. Next thing I knew, someone let out a shriek and The Ram was picking Miss H up from the bottom landing of the stairs--she had fallen all the way down. The Ram witnessed her descent, and he said she fell well (if there's such a thing). Our stairs are carpeted and, evidently, she stayed relaxed...She stood up at the bottom and was ready for a snuggle with Daddy and Mama. After half a minute of crying, she was fine. We watched her for any negative signs, but she never had the least bit of a problem. Again--we were praising God for protecting her.
I'm sure someone searching for fault could find it, but The Ram and I were *right there*. We responded immediately. Things just happen. We are as diligent as possible, but when you boil it down, it is still the Lord who is in control. Truly, He is the one who holds our life in His hands.
I remember hearing the story of when The Ram, as a boy, fell out of a van in motion, right onto the pavement. I've been told many times of the earthquake that hit our area when I was about 6 months old. It left a long crack on a wall of the house I grew up in. Mama said she ran to the kitchen to hold onto the counter, but forgot me, sitting in a baby seat under a swinging light fixture. She wasn't able to get to me because of the shaking, but I believe the Lord had me right in His hand. Just as He had Loveable, Lioness and me when we were involved in a car wreck nearly 10 years ago.
The Ram and I have lost a baby. It is incredibly painful. The experience caused me, for a while, to hyperfocus on safety. It was beyond being sure the children wear their helmets on bike rides or making sure the baby's car seat is installed properly. I do those things so I don't have to worry that there was more I could have done--should an accident occur. No, after Charity died, I had to fight not to be a fretting, fearful mother, who wouldn't allow her children any freedom, lest they get hurt. It was a sore temptation right after Charity's death, and I'll admit, still is at times. But, days like last week, when the Lord reminds me that I'm not in control, help me relax and enjoy this good life our Lord has granted.
Sorry this was such a heavy post. Just needed saying...
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe


Lisa-Anne said...

You're not a heavy poster, you're my sister. :) *HUGS*
Brilliant insights, my dear.
Yesterday, I looked and saw Blaze standing on the table for the first time, and Andrew asks me, "Are you pleased or terrified?" He couldn't tell from the look on my face. :)
I love you tons!

Sherral said...

Our H had one of those falls when she was about the same age as your little ms. H. She fell down a flight of stairs and I remember like yesterday how her she was rolling down on her side and her head never hit anything. Like God's hand was under her head the whole way down.

Yes, He is enormous, isn't He? I'm reminded every time I think of our birth experience with Zach...I still shudder over it all, but praise God for putting us in the right place at the right time. It's really hard to let him take care of my flock and try not to do His job, especially with Jacob driving now! I could easily worry and fret the whole time he is out...but that isn't what God wants!

Mama Lamba said...

LA, HUGS! I know your littles have had their share of scrapes, too...no? You tell Blaze Auntie Amy said to "cut that out!" LOL

Sherral, you know, during that episode, I thought of Z.'s birth, too. I'm so glad the Lord doesn't let us know about all the "near misses" we, uh...miss. (shudder)

Lisa-Anne said...

Yes, Blaze and Ivy were both near-miss birth stories, and Jesse was so early he was a near-miss in so more ways than we can count. And then you start to recall all the other things... Yes, God is very big and very good!
We saw a fireman a couple years ago that had been to our house for a rescue when Jesse had respiratory failure... the fireman cried to see Jesse, because he thought there wasn't any way he could have survived. I'm so thankful that God is such a wonderful Father to our children, holding them in His arms whether they remain in ours or not... Thanks, A. for reminding me to be grateful. I have a lot of thanks-giving to do, and I always will! :) *hugs*
LOVE you!