Tuesday, February 12, 2008

St. Valentine's Day

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
Well, I'm tired of talking about vomit. Let's talk about something I *like*. Valentine's Day!
Now, why in the world would I like a holiday that has been corrupted by Hallmark and American Greetings? A holiday that leaves so many feeling left out and hurt that their "special Valentine" didn't remember them on that wonderful day? Well, outside the great emphasis on showing love (laudable, for sure!) the answer lies in one word:
I have loved St. Valentine's Day since I was a little girl. It was the one day a year that I got *my own* full box of chocolate. I had an elaborate system of attack: find out which ones were the maple and which ones were the coconut--those went first. Next, identify the truffles (chocolate on chocolate) and consume. Chocolates with nuts went next and on down the line until all that were left were the chocolate covered jelly things. Not my fave. Those usually lasted about a week. I saved them for those desperate times when no other chocolate was available.
Ok. So, the chocolate was great...but, in all honesty, what I loved more was that Daddy *always remembered* to buy me and Mama a heart shaped box of candy. (Mama's was always bigger--as well it should have been.) When February rolled around, I knew what was coming.
When The Ram and I first got married, I was sure to let him know of this expectation. The first year or so, it was a little confusing--that whole "leave and cleave" thing. The Bible never said anything about who bought the candy! It did become clear after a couple years that, indeed, the Candy Buying Responsibility now fell to The Ram. I have come to believe that, while Scripture doesn't specifically mention who buys the candy, it is right for the husband to do it. (I'm sure, however, there would be nothing wrong w/ the Daddy to give chocolate, too, for, as you know, we'll always be "Daddy's Little Girl." :-)
I have to say, though the first couple years of marriage my feelings *did* get hurt, nowadays, The Ram knocks it out of the park on Valentine's Day. (I wonder if it has something to do with being the Daddy to 4 little girls?) Last year, he regaled all his "girls" with boxes of chocolate (now, *I'm* the Mama, so *I* get the big box ;-) and brought me a comically enormous vase of roses and a heart balloon big enough to go in Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. It sang, "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch". LOL It was fun.
I realize I sound very selfish in this post--I don't mean to. I enjoy blessing my family on St. Valentine's Day. I like all the busy-ness in our home, as the children cut hearts out of construction paper and make cards. I love planning a special dinner--always something red!
what do I love the absolute most about Valentine's Day? I love that the day reminds us of our Lord Jesus:
"Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13.

Y'all keep your wool warm and fuzzy,
The Ewe

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Alipurr said...

that is funny, i eat the orange cream ones first, and the maple ones are last for me, maybe i should send them to you , ha ha

we had a fun time making red sugar sprinkled heart shaped sugar cookies