Saturday, February 09, 2008

Weekly Menu and Grocery

Hello, F.O.T.E.'s,
Hope y'all are doing well. Everyone make it through the foul weather last week okay? It hit all around our friends and family, but, to my knowledge, all our folks are fine. So sorry, though, to hear about all the destruction Down South on Super (Cell) Tuesday.
I read a few ladies' blogs regard homemaking and family growing, and I've gleaned several great ideas from them. I have noticed that many folks enjoy reading about others' menu plans and grocery lists. That topic has sparked some interesting discussions (believe it or not) that I've enjoyed.
So, in the interest of mutual improvement, as well as historical documentation, lol, I think I may start posting my menus and grocery lists here. If it bores you to tears, just skip it. :-) You won't be missing much.

So, for the week of Feb. 9, 2008-Feb. 14, 2008--

Saturday, 2-9: ham, au gratin potatoes, glazed baby carrots, steamed broccoli, iced tea
Sunday, 2-10: Church Potluck: we're taking chili and shredded cheese, homemade
whole wheat bread, chocolate cake
Monday, 2-11: slowcooked BBQ beef, homemade whole wheat bread, salad, green beans,
iced tea
Tuesday, 2-12: chicken crescents, steamed CA blend veggies, salad, iced tea
Wednesday 2-13: white beans with ham, collard greens, cornbread, iced tea
Thursday 2-14: whole wheat spaghetti and meat sauce, salad, garlic bread, iced tea,
cheesecake with chocolate sauce (Happy Valentines Day!)

Well, there she is. As for breakfast, usually the children eat a bowl of cereal or oatmeal or grits. (I don't usually eat breakfast--I feel better when I don't...don't scold me, I think it's related to my thyroid issues. :-) Lunch will generally be salad and soup or sandwiches. The Ram takes dinner leftovers. We generally drink water or milk during the day (you'll notice iced tea for supper).
As for the odd "week," I plan my menus on Thursdays, finalize my grocery list on Fridays and either I or The Ram (bless him!) do the shopping early Saturday morning. So, my planning goes from Friday dinner to Thursday dinner. We had to eat dinner on the run last night, as Lioness had Bible Quiz practice from 4-6, then we had to drive up to the airport to pick up The Ram. So, last night it was cheeseburgers. (blush)
It being Saturday morning, my grocery list is at the store with The Ram and the Three Musketeers (Lioness, Lovable and Musical). So, I can't post that right now...maybe later... I do know we'll be driving out to the dairy tonight to pick up our weekly allotment of 6 (!) gallons of milk. MOOOOO!!! LOL We feel so blessed to be able to buy it directly from the dairy for $2.50/gallon.
Well, must grocery "delivery" will be here soon. I also need to go try to figure out how to cook this here ham this afternoon. I've never done a whole ham before. We'll see what happens--at least it isn't Tuesday.
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "When I grow up, I'll need a wife to change my diapers. Lovable is nice."
--Tater Tot


Lisa-Anne said...

hello lovely! :)
Love the menu!
What in the world is a Chicken Crescent? :) :)It's late and I'm tired, so I'm imagining all sorts of literal and bizzare things, lol.

*hugs* miss you all!

Mama Lamba said...

Well, LA, the gist of it is you take cooked chicken breast, roll it up in a canned crescent roll (ain't that Southern?) and smother it in a cheesy, creamy sauce and bake until it's yummy. :-) Definitely not lowfat. lol But it's an elegant, tasty dish.
HUGS to you!

Sherral said...

hmmm...that chicken crescent sounds good. We may have to give that a try!

Love Tater Tot's quote. Isaac thinks he'll either marry Hannah or live with us forever.

Mama Lamba said...

LOL Sherral, Yeah. TT originally wanted to marry me, but Daddy said "No" and I'm already married. So, he realized Meg isn't married...
So, y'all want that chicken recipe?

Lisa-Anne said...

I'm afraid the chicken recipe isn't on my diet! :)

But, most yummy things aren't!

Love ya!