Monday, October 18, 2004

Chit Chat

Hello, Friends of The Ewe!
I've received several kind emails, wondering how The Flock is doing without The Ram here now. I can report that spirits are high and things are going great. We speak with The Ram frequently and have even gotten to see him a time or two. Email is working, as well.
We spent this past weekend going up to the Family Readiness Group meeting. It was great to have faces to put with the names I've been seeing on paper for the past few months. The Ram's parents went also, providing much-appreciated logistic support. :-) They ran herd so that I could attend the meeting. Tiny Tot has decided that he's definitely a "man's man" and spent most of his time with Grandpa. Grandma attended the briefings with me, which I also supremely appreciated.
We did return to a most unwelcome sight. Our poor kitty (Carnival's) was over by a car. We're left only with one cat now--Georgina, whom you may have read about in a previous issue of The Ewe's Gnus. There are hushed rumors abounding about the possibilities of some "Georgettes" on the way. With our loss of two cats in (what?) two months, we'd actually welcome some little felines around here. (What am I saying?! LOL) We'll know soon, I'm sure.
I wanted to tell you about a funny our Lovable provided a few weeks ago...Are you familiar with the credit card commercial on t.v. these days? The one where someone lacking social skills blurts out a really boneheaded comment, then the other person begins to get upset, then Person 1 diffuses all ill feelings with one phrase? Well...
The Ram and I were having quite a time getting the Lambies to settle in for bed. So, we decided the "divide and conquer" route might work. I took Lovable into the Girls' room and tried to begin praying with her. She was soooo wiggly. "Be still, Lovable." "OK" (wiggle, wiggle) REPEAT She could tell The Ewe was about to "have enough." My brows knitted and I opened my mouth to "be angry to her" (as Musical calls fussing at someone)...when Lovable blurted out loudly, "THANK YOU?" LOL Somehow, I managed to suppress my howling laughter long enough to pray with her, tuck her in and walk into my bedroom, where The Ram and I enjoyed a good belly laugh. Sigh. Cheap entertainment, eh?
Well, The Ewe must run. It's time to feed the Lambs. Hope all you F.O.T.E.s out there have a wonderful evening.
Y'all keep your wool dry,
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "A merry heart does good, like a medicine."

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Lisa-Anne said...

I think we posted our new posts to our blogs at the same time! :) *hugs* Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!