Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Right now at Fort Ewe:
Tiny Tot is half asleep on my shirt on...He can nearly crawl these days...
Carnival is watching a show on PBS
Lovable is watching a show on PBS
Musical is watching a show on PBS
Yes, they're all watching a show on PBS...Even though the d.v.d. player upstairs is repeating the music of a disc they put on but didn't watch an hour ago.
Georgina continues to look it kittens or extra fur for winter?
The Ewe is tired out from errand running. We visited some thrift shops today in search of larger, warmer clothes for the Lambies. Stopped to take a picture of a favorite view on the way home. I plan to get a pic from that spot every season The Ram is gone, to share with him.
Have received a couple text messages from The Ram on my cell phone.
I'm looking forward to bed tonight...

Quote of the Day: Women shouldn't have children after 35. Thirty-five children should be enough for anyone.

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