Monday, June 07, 2010

Still Here

Hi, Friends
I tried to post this morning, but Blogger was acting up...and I didn't get another chance today.
I am hoping to soon (tomorrow?) continue with the next part of Hindsight.  I may post a few pictures soon.  I have a lot to get written down.
Complicating matters is my extreme case of "brain fog."  I am having a terrible time concentrating.  I have always been a good typist, but now, I'm making so many mistakes, and keep having to go back and do a lot of correcting.  Everyday tasks are difficult to accomplish.  It is a worrisome affliction, but I seem to remember having some of this after Charity died.  I don't believe it was this bad, though.  ??
   It seems like I'm having a lot of "worse days"  lately again.  I guess I expected a gradual, consistent upswing, rather than the up and down of the first few days after Will's death.  I'm thinking this must be normal.  ??
  Anyway, I wanted you to know that I haven't stopped writing...I've had a lot going on the last couple days, and I've just not been able to.  Thank you for your continued interest in our story. 
   You all bless me.


Lisa-Anne said...

Amy, it has to be normal, sweetheart. I think sometimes after the shock wears off we kind of go through the emotions all over again, and you've had a very, very painful shock.
Precious friend, I love you so much and I'm wrapping great big arms of love and comfort around you with my prayers. If I were there I would do it in person, and feed you brownies, and take you for walks outside and blow dandelions and look for blackberries with me. *lovehugs*

Mama Lamba said...

LA--I think you're right. Like a third degree burn, maybe. The hurt gets worse once the nerves heal a bit. I, too, wish you were here. I would eat your brownies and walk with you and blow dandelions and pick blackberries...sigh...a happy thought...
Love you.

Alipurr said...

I'd go with you guys and pray against, every time I think of blackberries (yum), i remember the time I got chiggers when I was picking blackberries :)