Friday, September 03, 2004

The Ewes Gnus--Sept. 3

The Ewes Gnus
Today my eldest daughter and I spent most of the day playing with my new toy--a sewing machine. I have two old ones of my mother's, but neither has an owner's manual. I'm the sort that has to have The Instructions. I actually read them. I'm paralyzed without them. Anyway, I bought a new sewing machine this week. It's wonderful. It has an automatic needle threader. It has a one-step buttonholer. It has a "quick set bobbin." It has The Instructions. So, we are constructing a freehand, go-with-the-flow, "rules? What rules?" quilt top. At least I think that's what it is. We'll see what it turns into when we run out of fabric.
We also baked bread--using my other new toy, the grain mill. Yes, I now grind my own grain. You always new I was a nut case, didn't you? There's something very satisfying about baking bread. I know the Atkins folks would run like the wind, Bulleye at all the grain in this house, but I love bread. Didn't Jesus call Himself the "bread of life?" Seems to me that that would be at least an implied endorsement of the stuff.
I'm watching the approach of Hurricane Frances off the FL coast. I have many e-friends down that way--I'm praying for God's protection over them. DH also has relatives in a nearby state; not sure how they will be affected.
Well, it's Friday night. That's "t.v. night" here. We try to keep the set off on the nights Dad is home, with the exception of Friday. We watch Joan of Arcadia, then JAG. JAG's my favorite. Must sign off for now. Stand by for more of The Ewe's (that's my) Gnus (like "news"...get it?)


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy! :) thanks for the link... :D So happy to be able to follow the ramblings of a kindred spirit!
Love ya!

weebie said...

Hey Amy, it's Wendy from AR...just dropping by to say hi! You are welcome to come read my blog just contact me for the username/password.... God bless!
Your blog looks great! It's so much fun!

momof4gr8kids said...

Hey Amy,
Hannah and I set up a blog for me, too!! She wants one know, she's a talker ;) So, when do you start giving sewing lessons?! heehee

You're so clever....ewe's gnus...I could never come up with something like that.