Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I thought I'd introduce you to Lovable, our 6 year old middle daughter. Each of our children has a symbol/nickname. Lovable's symbol is a heart. She wants everyone to be happy. She doesn't like conflict, unless it's between her and Musical, our 4 year old dear daughter. Actually, Lovable doesn't *like* it then, she just engages in it at the moment, then feels guilty. Her mother's daughter. When Lovable was learning to talk, she substituted the "l" sound for the "r" sound...for instance, we'd put the milk in the "flidge" and Lovable would hug her best "flind." Last night, The Ewe put her hair up (I have very long, straight hair) without using a mirror--my back was hot and I just wanted it out of the way. Well, when I walked upstairs Carnival (10yo) burst out laughing. I was offended. I thought, "My hair can't possibly look *that* bad." Besides, no one else commented on my hair. Carvinal was just being rude, right? Well, I walked into the bathroom and--EGADS!!! Carnival was right--I *did* look like CindyLou Who. (think Grinch that Stole Christmas) Lovable was standing beside me and I said to her, "Lovable, thank you for not laughing at my hair. It really *is* funny!" Lovable replied, "Yes. It's funny, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings." Having been given the "go ahead," she enjoyed a good belly laugh about the hilarious hair style I'd just given myself. I then went in to tell Carnival "sorry" for being offended and humorless. I was touched, though, by Lovable's self-restraint and respect. I do need to work on not taking myself so seriously.
Well, The Ewe must go. The Lambs need attention. I will return.
Quote of the day: "It's a geographical oddity! Two weeks from ever'where!"


Lisa-Anne said...

Why did I have absolutely NO trouble imagining this??? *grin*

Mama Lamba said...

tee hee