Thursday, September 09, 2004

Feline Moments in the Flock

Well, there have been developments on the Feline Front for The Ewe's family. Musical came in a bit ago and said, "Mama, where's Little Kitty? I miss her so much..." I took a deep breath, took Musical into my arms and said, "Honey, Little Kitty was run over by a car." Musical frowned, looked sad, dropped her head...and then suddenly jerking up her head, said in one breath, "Can I get a new cat?" And that was it. Ok...The Ewe responded more emotionally than Musical did. LOL The dreaded moment was over and without a tear shed. I guess I'm just a softy.
Shortly after that, Lovable came running in...
"MOM! George [her kitty] is A GIRL!!!" I thought surely my daughters were mistaken. I snatched up Tiny Tot and went outside to find my 3 DDs holding George on his back, feeling his belly.
"Mom, George is a girl--see, he has nipples," said Carnival.
"Carnival, even boy kitties have nipples." I replied, all knowing. :-) (By the way, is that true? Someone let me know. I never really investigated it that closely.) I went on, "You have to look between their back le......IT *IS* A GIRL!!!!" We enjoyed a good laugh and Lovable changed George to "Georgina." As long as s/he doesn't have any "Georgettes." (MommyX3, my attorney will be contacting you regarding false advertising...LOL)
Well, must chase the Lambs. Y'all keep your wool dry...
The Ewe

Quote for the day: "It all comes from liking hunny too much..."


momof4gr8kids said...

ROTFLOL, Well, I do not remember issuing a guarantee with George, uh, Georgina. Maybe in the future I should distribute disclaimers with kitties. LOL

Mama Lamba said...

hmmm...well, I guess you're right...maybe a "bait-and-switch?" lol Just kidding!