Friday, September 03, 2004

The Saga

Well, let's see...I'm not a "geek." (Is that the right term?) I don't know much about technology (sounds like an old song, eh?) But I do know that I love you...oops, I got carried away. I do love my husband, though. He's a great guy. He just spent about an hour putting this together for me to have a forum for putting down my thoughts. My thoughts are usually somewhat disjunct. One day, I was carrying on 3 conversations at once. (Hmmm...I have 3 daughters...3 conversations--are you picking up a connection there? ) Anyway, it went something like, "No, we can't go to the park right now...Yes, that's a very nice picture; I like the colors...No, that is *not* goats' milk." My daughters are convinced that all cheese served in Mexican restaurants are really goat cheese. I think I told them that, after a friend told me. That's probably how urban legends get started. I imagine it would take a mother or at least a person who is accomplished at multitasking to follow my least right now. Today, I don't really have a point except to put words on are these words on? Whatever they're they are. I once wrote that I had read "a writer writes, always." Then I wrote that I was always writing--at least in my head. So, if you'll bear with me, there will eventually be a point. Just not today. And, no, that's *not* goat milk.
Quote for the day: "Ma name's BRUCE!"


Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogdom, Amy :o) From a fellow Above Rubies member, and fellow blogger, and fellow mom. You are doing something I failed to do... I quit writing when my first child was born, and have only picked it up again in the past year or so. Keep it up -- you'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

Who is DH?