Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A Little Joke on the Ewe

Have you ever read _Cheaper by the Dozen_ by Frank Gilbreth? You should. You'll bust a gut...In one part, a tot plays a joke on Dad and nervously laughs, saying "Th-th-that was a good joke on you, Dad?" Well, The Ewe opened herself up for ridicule this past Saturday.
It all happened like this...
The Ewe, Hubby and Carnival (eldest daughter, 10 yo) were watching the television, where a reporter was standing outside in Florida, with Hurricane Frances swirling about. Under the reporter was typed "INDIA LANTIC." I burst out laughing, pointing--"Look! Her name's 'India Lantic!!!' And she's "in the Atlantic!!" Get it?! Isn't that hilarious?!?!" Hubby laughed a minute, then said, "Ewe, that's the name of the TOWN!" Sigh. Well, the font was really hard to read....the spacing was very close. And, my goodness, it was written *right under her!* It could have happened to anyone.
"This is Indy Middleofdacountry, signing off."


Anonymous said...

She's my honey, she's so funny, spends my money. I love ewe! Right out in front of everybody!

Mama Lamba said...

OOOH!! It's The DaddyRama!!! Hugs, Honey! xoxoxo I love you, too!!

momof4gr8kids said...

ROTFLOL!!! Only Ewe would share something like that on herself!! I wouldn't...well, after a day or two I might. Thanks for the laugh.

Lisa-Anne said...

Amy! You are so funny. But you know what? I bet the name of the town WAS a play on words... :) Some wisecracker from Jersey probably came down and settled that area a long time ago and thought it would be funny to call a town "indialantic" because it was constantly getting swamped! *hugs* I would have thought it was her name too! *grin* Lots of girls are named India these days! Reminds me of our radio days... back when folks knew me as "Wendy Hill" of wwlk...(hey, it was better than Sandy Beech!"
Love ya!