Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ghastly Dental Revelations

Hi, Friends,
I can't believe it's been so long since my last entry! Time doesn't "march on," it "double-times it" on...Let's see...since my last entry...hmmm....
Sat. I took the Lambs to the park, thinking it would be covered over with families. It was a beautiful day--warm in the sun, but cool in the shade. I was so surprised to find that there was only one other family there! We had brought a "delightful" lunch from the haute cuisine place in town...you know the one...with the golden arches? Yeah, that one...Anyway, we got there and found the park virtually deserted. It was nice for us, but I was a little sad for the children who didn't get to be there. :-) Our town has just installed new play structures, so the slides were still reaaally slick. The girls loved that.
Sat. night I received news that a lady from church had just had a baby. Yes, they were expecting it. ;-) What a blessing.
Sunday morning, many folks at the church were either missing or very droopy-eyed from being at the birth the night before.
Mon. the Lambs and I went into town to buy a few groceries. I've discovered that once I enter The Place (i.e. Walmart) I have about 1.5 hours until I totally panic and have to leave. :-) So, whatever I have in the cart at that point, I just pay for and go home. When the Ram watches the children for me, I can usually get my whole list before the hour and a half...when I have the Lambs with me (as yesterday), I generally can only get a fraction of my list completed. Still, I had bought the critical items.
Last night after dinner our Musical (4yo) made an observation..."Our teeth are tables to the bugs." (She was referring to the bacteria in our mouth that can cause cavities.) I was impressed..."Yes! That's right!" I went on to explain the way the bugs do the damage--that they don't actually eat the teeth, but the food on the teeth. Then, the "by-products" eat through the enamel. DH, seeing that the term "by-products" wasn't connecting with the Littles, rephrased it...."It's 'Bug Poop.'" Two girls, Musical and Lovable were eating cookies at the time. Their eyes suddenly widened, and from the looks on their faces I was afraid they were going to eject the half chewed dessert into the floor. Lovable, wild eyed, was able to swallow, then rampaged up the stairs to the bathroom to scrub her teeth with her toothbrush. Musical burst into tears, cookie mush dribbling from her mouth, "aaayee eddd III yaf ugggg oop in iiiiii owf!!" (Translated: "Daddy said I have bug poop in my mouth.") We spent the next few minutes trying to calm her down, saying, "No, it's not Bug Poop, it's 'by-products...'" Evidently, the change in semantics worked, and she quieted. But she still went up and brushed her teeth. Right away. You know, the Bible tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue. Last night, we learned that the power to compel children to brush their teeth is there, too.
Must run...Y'all keep your wool dry...
The Ewe

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Lisa-Anne said...

I can just hear him telling the girls that!!! :) :) :) TOO funny!
Tell him to save that stuff for the boy, who will find it fascinating! haha! :)
Love you!!!!