Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Origins of the Ewe's Gnus

Have you noticed how many folks are these days researching their family histories? I think it's fabulous to do that. I still know very little about mine, except that somewhere way back, someone in my ancestry happened to be Anne Boleynn...Bolyn...Bol...how do you spell that, anyway? Well, no matter, Henry VIII cut her head off because she wouldn't bear him any sons. After our third daughter, a lovely little sprite, I might add...I worried that that same fate might befall me. Graciously, though, Hubby decided that he'd give me another chance, and "Viola!" A man child. (Please understand...that was a joke! Hubby loves our girls and once told me he would take a dozen children, and didn't mind if every last one was a girl. What a guy.)
So, in the spirit of helping out future Hall Family Genealogy, Hubby and I decided this was such an exciting time in our life that we should document it. So, we set out to "BLOG." He wrote the "description," then we began to think about a name for our blog. Tiny Tot was gooing and gurgling and gnawing on everything, sitting here by the computer desk. Hubby said, "So, Dear, what do you want to name this?" Tiny Tot replied, "GOO!" We laughed and Hubby said, "So, you wanna call it 'Goo?'" I said, "How 'bout 'The Goo Chronicles?'" So, we decided on that. In the process of typing it in, we began playing with words until I burst out with "The Ewe's Gnus!!" referring to my being the mother ewe of this flock and using the pun "gnus" for "news." Hubby and I rolled around, laughing for a long time, and I felt very satisified with my play on words. So, The Ewe's Gnus it was. Note that blogspot won't allow an apostrophe, so in the URL, you have to pretend it doesn't need one. You'll do that for me, won't you? Using poor punctuation really bothers me. I'm a bit sensitive about it. Be kind.
Well, thank you for reading this small explanation of the Origins of The Ewe's Gnus. If you think of it, be sure to record the URL in some easily findable place, so that a hundred years from now, our descendants will come across it, read up on history, learn how we used the World Wide Web and maybe find a functioning computer in an antique store and somehow, through time travel, learn what was happening in The Ewe's family waaaay back in 2004.
Quote for the day: "It's somebody from sumpin, sumpin..."


Lisa-Anne said...

Hey Amy! :) From knowing you and the czar (*wink*) I'd say you probably have pretty interesting family histories! If you research them out, I'd love to know what you find!! (I'd almost be willing to take a few guesses! lol!)
I'm having fun reading your blog! :)
Love ya,

Mama Lamba said...

Ooh! I should document the "czar-lash" episode! LOL I've come a long way...