Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cox's Tough-As-Whit Leather Army

Hello, F.O.T.E.s!
It's as cold as a cucumber here today.
You know, anyone who's known my mama more than a few minutes has probably heard some colorful expression escape her lips. She's never needed curse words to liven up a story or conversation--her "Momisms" have always been enough. Having grown up in IL, you'd expect I'd be a full-fledged Yankee (and many deep Southerners would say that *is* the case) but growing up in a family full of Tennesseans, I consider myself at least to have dual citizenship. Anyway, I've grown up hearing sayings that many consider unusual. Some sayings, I've learned, are unique to my mother...some are just general Southern sayings. Even the ones that are well-know Southern sayings have origins that are mostly obscure to me. For instance, *who* was Cox, anyway? And just *how big* *was* his army? And what's "whit" leather? Who was it that discovered just how nervous cats *are* in a roomful of rockers? Also, at times, I've been weak as a kitten or crazy as a "bessie bug." What *is* a "bessie bug?" Friends, I'd sure appreciate it if you could enlighten me on these issues...also, feel free to add some of your favorite sayings in the comments--the "obscurer" the better. I sure would hate for these sage words to be "gone with the wind."
Well, gotta get "back to my rat killin'..." Y'all keep your wool dry...
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: "OOOH!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!!" the Lambies, opening the Valentine's Day gift The Ram had delivered here today. :-)


Lisa-Anne said...

Hey! Brian Murley once told me that he was "colder than a well-diggers' butt!" And HE was from Southern Illinois (which in my humble opinion is the northenmost bastion of the Old South remaining to date!).
Is Whit leather something you'd wear on Whit Sunday? ;)
Gee, Ewe, I haven't heard some of those sayin's in a coons age. Pert near fergot 'em! Wull, I guess I'm fixin' to get my "hine-den" to bed... shure wish't I'da done more porch-sittin' when I was a youngun, and picked up more of papaw and memaw and Mamie's speechifyin!
I'm right fond of ya, sweetpea!

Mama Lamba said...

Yeah, doggie! Git cher self on to bed! You cain't lay up tomorrow and get chur bee-hind blistered by the sun!