Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Groundhog Day

Hello, F.O.T.E.s!
Well, today's Feb. 2...Groundhog Day. I love Groundhog Day, but my sentiments have more to do with a great, big bald fellow than a small, furry one. Yes, it's The Ram's birthday. (Everyone?) Haaaaappy Birthday to youuuuuu....Haaaaapppy Birthday to youuuuuu....Haaaappy Birthday dear Raaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm.....Haaaaaappy Birthday to youuuuuuuu! Yea!!!!
It's hard being away from him on his day. I'd love to bake him a cake (probably one of those lopsided chocolate ones I'm known for) and go to O'Charley's with him. He might have chicken parmesan or that cajun chicken pasta thing he likes. I'd have steak...The lambies would wrap lots of boxes up for him...filled with tiny treasures they've been making and collecting just for him. it is, we had Amazon send him a dvd he requested. I mailed him a box with some needed items and a little something sweet for his birthday. We sent ecards and emails...I'm hoping his fellow soldiers knew it was his birthday (you see, where he is, it's not his birthday anymore...but here, in the U.S., it still is...time difference, you know...) I hope someone whopped him on the shoulder ("That didn't hurt.") and wished him a happy birthday. I'm hoping the DFAC (dining facility) served something really yummy. I'm hoping God gave him an extra dose of blessings today.
Well, I hear Phil saw his shadow and went back in his hole. Six more weeks of winter. Well, that's ok...I'm stocked up on coffee and amaretto creamer, so we're good. Gotta run...we're putting another box into the mail for The Ram today...Y'all keep your wool dry!
The Ewe

Quote of the Day: Lovable: "Mama, why don't lambs ride on motorcycles?" Mama: "I don't know, Lovable, why *don't* lambs ride on motorcycles?" Lovable: "Because it's a baaaaaaaad idea!"

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Lisa-Anne said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a much, much loved brother!!!
I love it when you turn numerically older than me!! :) (at least for part of the year!!)
Ewe, I love you! We've been so busy moving addresses that I haven't been online much!! *hugs*