Monday, February 14, 2005

My Heart is Singing! and Flashback

Hello, F.O.T.E.s! Happy St. Valentine's Day!
I don't know what the weather's like in *your* neck of the woods, but here it's over 60, sunny and gorgeous! My house is tidy, the windows are open, a slight breeze is venting out all the microbes that had settled here last week (yes, all 4 lambies had come down with a virus!). I had only a couple hours sleep last night, due to Musical coughing and the wind and rain howling outside. (Having been in a tornado a few years back, I surely do take notice of wind speed now.) Last night I was feeling a bit wistful, what with The Ram half a world away and the internet acting unreliable in his half. And it being Valentine's Day! But, listen Friends, a delivery guy showed up here right after lunch and brought the most beautiful dozen roses I ever saw. The girls retrieved that long box from him, and set about putting on a production to present me with them. Musical wasn't thoroughly convinced the flowers were from Daddy...she suggested maybe they were from the "nice man who brought them." I assured her the weren't from *that* man and that I'd never laid eyes on him before. Carnival joined in, saying, "Yes, Musical...that guy was from DHL (or whatever that new delivery company is) NOT UPS!" She pointed out that the UPS man had been here several times and I *had* laid eyes on *him.* Just to relieve the suspense, I opened the card attached to the flower box. "I am my Beloved's and My Beloved is mine." was The Ram. Sigh...I felt like a school girl. :-) Carnival helped me get the roses in water and we set them on the kitchen table. I'll take a picture to email to The Ram. What a Sweetheart.
So...after the flower fest, the girls zoomed back outside to finish up the project I'd assigned them for the day--cleaning out half of the garage. Now, Yes, You guessed it...the jun...I mean, the *treasures* shuttled out of the one half of the garage ended up in the other half of the garage, but my purpose was suited. Sometime over the weekend, the wind pushed in one of the garage windows, and I needed at least a clear path for the house's owners to get in to fix it. So, I put the Lambies on it and they did a fine job. If we can string together a few more days like today, we'll bring Tiny Tot out in the play pen and actually clean out the garage the right way. EEK!
Right now, the sun is shining bright and Lovable has Tiny Tot out on the back deck. Carnival and Musical are blowing bubbles and everyone is laughing. Ahhh...what a lovely day.
I did realize earlier that tonight will mark the exact one year anniversary of my splashing boiling hot spaghetti water on my 9 mo pregnant belly! The Grand Rams were staying with the Lambies and me while The Ram was on National Guard drill. We were concerned I might go into labor while he was gone across the state, so his parents came for the weekend. It was Valentine's night and I was making spaghetti. Grandpa Ram was reading from an animal magazine to the girls in the living room. Grandma Ram was (if I remember correctly) teaching Carnival about sewing. I was in the kitchen, simply loving my full, busy house. I was pretty distracted and went to stir the spaghetti--and OUCH! I burned my finger! A few seconds later, I felt the burn on my belly and ran into the bathroom and ripped off my shirt--along with a few layers of skin. The cotton shirt had held the water on my bulbous tum long enough to inflict a severe burn about a foot square. I started shaking and got very confused...later it was pointed out that I was probably beginning to go into shock. Grandma Ram took me to the emergency room (yes, the same place we took Musical when the possum bit her) My blood pressure was up and I was so afraid some obstetrician would come rushing in and decide I needed a C-section right then! It's a laughable thought now, but at the time I was scared. Instead, a really super doctor attended my wound, pulling off burnt, dead skin. I felt like such a loser...Who *can't* make spaghetti?!? LOL Anyway, I've still got a reminder of that night...right on my belly. Of course, the scar is kinda hard to see through the stretch marks and cellu-whatever, but the funny thing is that it is now only a few inches across. LOL Just like drawing on a blown up balloon then letting the air out.
Sigh...what a day. Life is good. My Ram may be thousands of miles away, but I feel him right here with me. We still get to talk very frequently, for which I thank my Heavenly Father multiple times each day. As soldier wives go, I've got it good. Well, must run...Got Valentine's Day spaghetti to make...Well, on second thought...maybe we'll go out. Y'all keep your wool dry! The Ewe Quote of the Day: "Tiny Tot, don't *EAT* the bubbles!!!"

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Lisa-Anne said...

Hey sweetest!
I Love You! :)
I remember the burn, i relived my own "pregnant-tummy-boiling-water" incident when you did it! *ouchy*! lol, and now I get to relive both your burn and mine! You know what though? my scar finally did disappear like after 4 years I think! Praying yours will eventually go away, along with the stretchmarks and other undesirable features! (lol, i have *faith* for that hahahaha~!)
Which reminds me, I ought to go and toss out that jar of silvidine burn cream... its the same one I sent you that little jar from... since apparently it's been over a year from when i got it! :) It's surely expired by now! :)
Love you so much, praying for you to be safe from all forms of boiling liquids! :) :) :) :)